12th Day: Here Comes Santa Claus

 The twelfth day Santa Claus came to our town!  Yes, even our teeny tiny town gets a special visit from the big man in red before the big day.
  The morning started with us going to Marshall’s school for breakfast with Santa.

Pancake breakfast


  After eating we were able to get a special visit in with St. Nick himself.  Marshall approached him excited but timid.  Santa asked Marshall if he would like to wear a real elf hat, of course Mads couldn’t pass that up!  It was really lovely, there was no line and the kids got quite a good amount of time talking to Santa; both of them were able to have one on one time with him even.  There was a professional photographer on hand taking pictures and printing them off, free of charge.  She gave us quite a bit!

Santa asking Marshall if he wanted to wear an official elf hat


My view.  Having a very special talk with Santa



Marshall & Santa 2015


Violet & Santa 2015
(Her first one on one visit with Mr. Claus)


Santa & Violet talking to Papa off camera


Marshall & Violet
Breakfast with Santa 2015


  We went home for naps & lunch, returning for the afternoon Christmas festival.  For preschoolers and their siblings, it was put on by the preschool & prekindergarten teachers and assistants.  They had so many cute (and easy!) game ideas.  There was also a raffle, bounce house, and every child was gifted as free book.
Marshall was so excited to get to pick out his own book!  He picked ‘Puppies in the Snow’
He’s been on a puppy kick lately and asking for one
(please, for the love of all things holy, do NOT give us a real puppy!)


Violet’s book!  It’s a fun owl finger puppet board book


Nothing more fun than a bounce house in your school’s hallway!
Snowman bowling!  It’s kleenex boxes decorated as snowmen, the kids stack it up
and bowl it down!  Fun and easy to pull off at home.


Decorate your own Christmas tree! Green paper wrapped boxes stacked upon one
another and then use velcro to affix soft ornaments and garland
The kids working on magnet puzzles of Christmas characters


Cutest little photobooth kids around!


Marshall decorated a house with lights on the smartboard.
It played in unison to Christmas jingles after he was done.
Making sis into Frosty with cotton batting ‘snow’ and felt ‘charcoal’


Can’t forget the top hat of course



Marshall had to be decorated as Frosty too!


We couldn’t pass up the reindeer training!  A laundry basket decorated as a sleigh, string with jingle bells, and reindeer antlers.  Mads loved trying to stay on the painter’s tape course



Snowball toss!

The twelfth day was a fabulous time of getting out and getting to celebrate out in our community- it reminded me of the events we use to go to in KC.  Marshall had a great time visiting with Santa and he especially liked getting to play games and visit with his friends- even his crush from class made an appearance.  It was just an all around great day centered around the kids and Mads’ school; I really enjoyed the opportunity to get out and meet some more people from our new community.  Join us tomorrow as Violet leads the way of the light for us!


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