16th Day: Frosty the Snowman

  On the sixteenth day we finally got measurable snowfall!  A few inches fell overnight and we had to take full advantage.
  We started with making breakfast.  Marshall wanted to help his papa make pancakes; Violet played in her high chair as we all went to work on various tasks around the kitchen.

Marshall stirring the pancake batter as Brad washes dishes
The kids playing with the blocks Marshall made at Home Depot a few weeks ago
  What’s better than snowman pancakes on a snowy morning?  Another awesome morning brought by Brad our breakfast chef!
He was so happy to have special snowmen pancakes


  It was a quick breakfast, Violet needed her morning nap and Marshall wanted to rush outside to play in the snow.  Little did he know, we had a little surprise for him!
  The boys built a snowman and Brad gave Marshall a snowman kit that we had stowed away.  It’s like a Mr. Potato head set for snowmen.  So cool!
Building it higher and higher!
Excited for his new snowman kit!
Pushing in the nose
Can’t forget the lips!
Fastening the hat down tight
The boys were able to grab stick-arms from the woods near our house
  They played outside for quite some time.  They built snowmen, had snowball fights, and made snow angels.  Even with being inside the house, I could still hear the laughter.
Snow angels are one of his favorite things to do in winter
  Meanwhile, Violet awoke from her nap and was playing with a snowman of her own.
She loved that he played music when you press his arm
Pressing on his nose and eyes to try to build her own snowman


  It was a full day outside.  Marshall’s little cheeks were bright red and he was tired out from all the fun with the snow and his papa.  To warm up with a great lunch we made our pesto pizza.
  I’ve mentioned in past years how much we love this pizza.  It’s tasty year round but is a bit festive around the holidays with the red and green from the tomato, spinach ribbons, and pesto sauce with the crumbled feta cheese bringing a snow like quality.  We also add chicken for good measure.  Pro tip: brush the crust with pesto sauce as well.  Also, if you’re looking for something lighter it’s great as a salad: spinach tossed with tomato, chicken, feta, and drizzle with pesto.  One of my favorite lunches to bring when I worked at the preschool; it holds up great.
Dingman Christmas Pizza!
  The night was quickly coming to a close so we whipped out our old fashion snowmen ice cream treats before Marshall’s bedtime routine.
Love vintage treats!
  Of course, during bath time we had to transform Marsh into a snowman too.
Probably the cutest little bubble bath snowman ever
  The sixteenth day brought so much joy with fresh fallen snow and the little touches that can bring a little extra special something to the day.  The kids will be sure to sleep well tonight with all the chilly entertainment- but will they be ready for the sequel shenanigans of tomorrow?



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