17th Day: All Alone on Christmas

All Alone on Christmas (youtube)

The seventeenth day of December 2015 was a sequel to our third day of December 2014!

Home Alone 2!
Link to our first Home Alone party here

We started the themed day off as soon as Marshall got out of school.  Recreating Kevin’s luxurious ride through New York City: we brought cheese pizza, coca-cola, and playing The Grinch on the dvd player.



Violet trying to get her brother’s special treat before he gets dismissed from class


He was thrilled to find the pizza and pop.  He kept thanking us and saying how much he loved it.


It may not be New York City, but he had a great time in his own “limo” ride
Brad even moved his car seat to the third row to make it feel more like a limousine.  Marshall has been begging to get to sit
in the very back row so he couldn’t have been more pleased.


  Marshall was absolutely over the moon with the “limo” surprise.  After we finished driving and watching The Grinch, he got home and we started whipping up some of his all time favorite cookies- which is also the kind of cookies Kevin took from the hotel when he was rushing out.
Because who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies, right?


  Marshall loves art and music but he’s to the point now that cooking and baking is his favorite thing to do.  He also likes to narrate what he’s doing like he’s on his own cooking show.
He’s a pretty great showman too


Concentrating on dropping each spoonful with precision


Some of the sweet treats he was able to bake up!


  Marshall and Brad started rough housing around which is also one of Marshall’s favorite pastimes.  Marsh decided that papa was naughty to not let him win, so he went to tattle to the North Pole.
Santa is gonna settle this


  After his initial suggestion to Santa that Brad should be on the naughty list, Marshall moved on to telling Santa what he’s been up to and his excitement over the pizza ‘limo ride’.
“Best day ever!”
He also threw in that he’d love to go to Lego Land . . . because he has to at least try right?


  Of course, what kind of Home Alone 2 party would it be without watching the film?  So we popped it in and made a banana split that could rival The Plaza Hotel’s.


Topped with a blue m&m
Blue is his favorite color and he thinks M stands for Marshall


  The credits rolled and I had one final surprise for Marshall.  See, on our original Home Alone day on December 3, 2014 is when I found out that we were pregnant- just one week after being told that there was no chance for that round and that we would have to become more aggressive with our fertility treatments.  But, alas, we had a little Christmas miracle of our own!  I was very cautious of letting myself get too ahead of myself after our losses.  Even if I were to allow myself to dream of Marshall and his sibling, I could never have dreamed just how amazing he would be with her.


  He kisses and hugs her unprompted, he shows her how to play with things and ‘reads’ to her.  He is loving and gentle; protective and kind.  He adores cheering her on during tummy time or as she babbles.  The other day he told me “Baby can’t talk.” “No,” I answered “not yet, but someday.” He then said that he would help her and that he can understand her.  That he will tell us what she says.  With how hard he’s fought- and continues to fight- for his voice and every word he has, for him to say that he will help his sister find her voice, melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes.  He wanted her to know that someone else understood her gibberish because he knows what its like to be alone in a world of silence.
 It’s not always perfect between the two of them, but it’s pretty dang good.
  To celebrate the friendship between our two very special kids- and to tie in the theme of the movie- we gave them turtle dove ornaments to exchange.
Like the ones Mr. Duncan gives Kevin


And then Kevin shares with a very special friend



(Attempting) to exchange doves



Our little love doves and their doves
  The night came to a close with Marshall smiling from ear to ear due to all the sweet treats that our sequel party brought about and I smiled because I got to rock a baby I was told- more than once- may not come.  Yes, our original party last year was pretty great . . . but, in this case, the sequel was better.



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