18th Day: Christmas in July

  On the eighteenth day, we took the popular saying “Christmas in July” and flipped it on its head.  That’s right, we brought a bit of July to our Christmas!

Yup, I’m ‘one of those’ moms who like to dress their kids in coordinating outfits on occasion
  Lunch was steaks on the grill with steamed potatoes and pasta salad.
Or, if you’re Brad, only meat and potatoes


  Let’s back up a second though.  What does grilling look like in the northland during December?  Well, pretty close to what it would look like in July actually.


Except, we usually lack snowmen in July
Also, unfortunately, Brad wears the long black socks with sneakers in summer too.
I think they teach that in Dad’s Fashion 101


  While the steaks cooked, the boys even got a few rounds of cowboy golf in.  We wanted to set up the volleyball net but the ground frost likely wouldn’t have allowed it.  So, friends & family, be sure to come on over and join in on the fun once the ground thaws.
Meanwhile, inside, Violet enjoyed ‘sunbathing’


  The boys had a lot of fun playing summer games outside.  The weather for today said that- with wind chill- it felt like six below here.  Down right balmy!
  Once they came in and we were finished eating, it was time to hit the ‘beach’.  How many Dingmans can you fit into a tub?


Letting sis get her feet wet


Marshall was careful not to splash around too much with Violet, he instead slowly poured out water for her to watch


Once she was out of the tub, though, the water fight ensued


Our little beach babies drying off in their towels


  After drying off we changed into warm snugly clothes.  Violet got to wear the very first baby sleeper we were ever gifted.  My sister gave us this when she found out we were expecting Marshall- nearly five years ago!
She not only found herself in a snugly sleeper- she also found herself on the nice list apparently!


  We ended the celebration just how you would want to end a sunny day in July: with an ice cream cone!
Ice cream cones and Christmas trees


  The eighteenth day we brought a little bit of whimsy to our Christmas magic.  It was the true embodiment of making the most out of our new location and trying to have a little bit of fun with it.  Keep thinking sunny thoughts, friends, stay warm!

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