19th Day: Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle Bell Rock (youtube)
  On the nineteenth day we tried to take in a bit of the arts of the northland.  See, that is a very big part of Kansas City that we miss.  We always took full advantage of the orchestras, concerts, museums, and art shows.  Most of Marshall’s play dates were in the sculpture garden of the art museum; the arts were a big part of Marshall’s upbringing and it shows.  His teachers here have commented on how “worldly” Marshall is and how much he knows for his age.

  At our new home, there isn’t as much opportunity for those kinds of outings.  So when we saw there was a Christmas Orchestra concert open to the public, we jumped at the opportunity.  It was also a children’s orchestra which I kinda love- I really enjoy Marshall seeing kids like him out there doing the arts, it really encourages him.  This was the very first performance done by the young musicians and they were great!
Ready for the orchestra to perform


We loved all the one of a kind art that combined nature and music


Following along with the music
The Heaedwaters Orchestra’s first performance ever.  Maybe one day Marshall will be up there performing

The pieces were finished and it was time to go home, but the music wasn’t done!  We decided to have our own little Christmas concert under the flowers in Violet’s room.  The kids took turns with the different instruments and we all sang Christmas carols as the instruments played.

Brad & I met in a theatre (acting class- an arts credit for our college) so it only makes sense we
start them young with the arts




Our little ballerina dancing to the carols

Click the video below to hear Marshall do a pretty good rendition of jingle bells on his kazoo.  (You may have to click the button twice) Not bad for a four year old who hasn’t been taught.  Also, where else can you see a guy in a Pink Floyd band shirt throw down on a kazoo?

To end on a sweet note, we all watched the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  Both kids were hypnotized by the music and the fabulous Rockettes.  Could you imagine how wonderful Christmas in New York would be with all the amazing artists they have?  What a dream that would be!

The nineteenth day was filled with music and spirit.  I’m so glad that more opportunities are arising in the area that we are slowly learning to call home.  Someday we hope Brad’s work will relocate us to the twin cities metro, but until then we are learning to enjoy what is here and to get a bit more creative- which is never a bad thing!  Our imaginations are expanding and the music is still going in our home.  We hope all of you can find the music that moves you this holiday season!  Until tomorrow, friends.


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