Bonus Post: Bloopers, Outtakes, and Extras

I take a lot of pictures of our family- not just during our 25 day celebration but all year round.  When taking so many pictures and having young kids you’re bound to get a few for the blooper reel.  We also compress our day down and, for the sake of continuity, some little things get left on the cutting room floor.  Why not share the forgotten and the unforgettable?  Enjoy!

Our very first chalkboard picture. Violet started
dirtying her diaper right as I took it, Marshall was less than impressed.
When we were picking out a tree, we walked into the middle of the farm- a good walk from the SUV.  Of course, that’s when Violet decided she needed to eat and she needed to eat NOW. Surely one of our more interesting feeding locations, in the middle of a Christmas tree farm while the trolley full of singing people circled.
Violet decided pretty quick that she wasn’t too enthused with the boys decorating her
She thinks she is hysterical- her brother . . . not so much


These things happen with boys and wrapping paper tubes.
ALWAYS fear “mom look at this!” or “take a picture!”
A sheep going in for a kiss


When picking out his 2015 ornament he first wanted the burger and fries and then wanted this robot.  Then he accidentally dropped it and the ornament shattered.  The store was very understanding and said that it happens frequently, Marshall decided it was a sign though and went back with his original choice of the burger and fries ornament.


She continually pushed and he was perpetually annoyed
He also didn’t love when she decided to try to turn the pages of the book


Let’s just say the reindeer smell wasn’t pleasant and the kids weren’t thrilled


She is photogenic but always moving


When Violet goes in for the sneak attack while Marshall is selfie-ing
Teething is hard . . . on us all


“Ya wanna picture of my dove, well here’s ya dove!”
Brad + selfie stick= washed out ceiling fan picture
When sissy is a bit gassy
He secretly loves her affection


Okay, maybe love is a strong word for it
  Our sense of humor also spilled over to our Christmas cards this year.  We decided to recreate some of the most classic Christmas comedies for our family and friends.


Marshall gave candy gifts to the assistants in his classroom and his speech pathologist.  His teacher got
a pun-ny present.  Who can’t use a selfie stick?!


  There were a few sweet shots to be shared as well:
She loves him so very much.  She always looks happiest when she gets
to play with her big brother.
Violet finally has long enough hair to hold up mini clips! She
thought she was so pretty, she couldn’t stop looking in the mirror.


She is obsessed with this gift from her nano- a rainbow light up unicorn pillow pet.
Violet giggles and giggles with it endlessly.


Seriously, he is such a great dad and she is completely a daddy’s girl.
He may like to tease about Violet, but it’s clear that he just adores her
and if she starts crying he is always the first to run to her side.
  This year has certainly been memorable- from the funny to the adorable.  I’m the first to admit that we aren’t “perfect” but we do have fun and keep things interesting; it’s always an adventure at the Dingman’s!  We hope you can enjoy the small moments with your family this season and have enjoyed our little adventures as well.  We continue on tomorrow with a more traditional family activity which I’m sure we will Dingman up . . . sometimes it really does feel like we are the real life Griswolds.  See you tomorrow!



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