23rd Day: Let’s Build a Gingerbread House

Le’ts Build a Gingerbread House (youtube)
  The twenty-third day was a day of tying up loose ends and getting our gingerbread on.  So basically: exactly like everyone else on December 23rd.

  We had to run into town quick to get any last minute items for our Christmas meal or wrapping gifts.  The kids loved the silly store trip.
Christmas shopping with two kids, it brings them closer. Ha!


  Once home and situated we started putting together our gingerbread kit.  Marshall missed the trains of Kansas City so we decided on the train kit.  Mads loved it, it was so fun to see how much he’s grown from last year’s- he was able to help so much more!
Carefully sticking it all together


Adding the peppermint wheels


Giving it a sprinkle of snow




So proud of his handy work


  Of course, the train wasn’t the only thing that was decorated.  There weren’t many Dingmans that came out unscathed.
Violet got a dab of icing on her little nose


And papa was transformed into rudolph


  The day was quickly done for the kiddos and papa read them their bedtime stories.  He had to include “The Gingerbread Man” that the kids’ grandma G gave Marshall a few years ago.  It’s always a special treat when Brad is home to tuck them in.
Bedtime stories with papa


After talking about how Santa is always watching, Marshall had to wish the big
guy in red a goodnight as well


Once Marshall was down for the night, Brad and I (with Violet’s supervision and
scrutiny) went to town on wrapping Christmas presents.  Obviously, wine and carols
were part of the package.  I love wrapping presents together with Brad.


While wrapping presents surprise visitors dropped by: one of our neighbors and her
daughter!  They dropped of the most lovely platter of cookies and a horse for
each child.  Marshall woke up when they arrived and quickly fell in love with
his gifted horse.

The twenty-third day was a day of feeling grateful.  Grateful for two kids in the cart, for a little boy who is flourishing before my eyes, for being able to give our children what they want/ need, and for neighbors that go the extra mile to make us feel at home.  It’s hard to believe that Christmas Eve is tomorrow and with it comes our annual Eve traditions.  We are excitedly awaiting Christmas and truly hope that each of you are able to find what you are grateful for this holiday season and find an abundance of love that the season brings.


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