From the Shelf: Beautiful Moon A Child’s Prayer

This week’s children’s book recommendation post is Beautiful Moon A Child’s Prayer By Tonya Bolden and Illustrated by Eric Velasquez.  Click here to read our introduction post on the From the Shelf blog series we are doing or click the From the Shelf tab (in the categories section) to check out more of our recommendations. Continue reading


From the Shelf: Book Recommendation Introduction 


I am a huge book lover, I always have been, but after having Marshall I have become obsessed with children’s books and building an abundantly diverse library for my kids.  Over the years, friends and family have asked me for recommendations on good additions to their own libraries.  For that reason I have decided to have a weekly post on favorite books from our collection.

Having a background in political science in college- and working as a preschool teacher in a diverse neighborhood in Kansas City- I have learned a few things and made a few rules for our at-home library. Continue reading

The Empty Box

image3 (1)

I opened the crisp envelope, just knowing that it would contain a glowing evaluation of my genius son.  Knowing that all the hard work he has put in will shine through.

I began reading it with a smile and ended it in tears, he did not meet one goal.  Not ONE.  His speech therapist wrote kindly of how hard Marshall works, how he is laser focused, how much he impresses her.  All the things you would hope to hear, yet no goals met.  Marshall’s speech is estimated to be 40% intelligible to those not familiar to him.  How?  He works so hard! Continue reading