Cloth Diapering: What’s the Scoop on the…

We picked the diaper we prefer, adjusted the absorbency with inserts, and fit the diaper on the baby- the diaper has been used and did its job.  So . . . now what? Continue reading


From the Shelf: Color Our World

Color Our World- inspired by the “It’s a Small World” ride in Disney world- is the perfect board book for even the littlest of little ones.

I love board books, they are perfect for the under two crowd who can be pretty hard on books.  I purposefully have all of our books sorted: traditional, paper books in Marshall’s room.  Only hardy board books in Vi’s room and the living room. Continue reading

Story time to Scribe

Since Marshall was just a bit younger than Vi is now, we have always made it a point to get our little ones into their local library.  With Marshall, I was working during the day and Brad would work straight night shifts.  Brad would bring Marshall into story time, the only dad among all the moms and nannies.  Now it is my turn to bring the kids in while Brad is at work.

Both get so excited when they see the library.  They love having the librarian read to them and asking them questions about what they just heard.  Afterward, we always stick around to browse the books.

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Shark Week Party

In honor of the upcoming Shark Week (starting June 26th!) we would like to throw it on back to our party from 2014.  Marshall wasn’t quite three years old and Violet was still a wish.  From breakfast through the day we celebrated sharks in age appropriate ways- sometimes silly and other times more educational.

And so we present:

I wanted the day to begin and end with sharks, so for breakfast I cut up two bananas to create a simple shark and then used little sprinkles for eyes.  Bagels with cream cheese and strawberry slices for life preservers rounded out the look.

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