Shark Week Party

In honor of the upcoming Shark Week (starting June 26th!) we would like to throw it on back to our party from 2014.  Marshall wasn’t quite three years old and Violet was still a wish.  From breakfast through the day we celebrated sharks in age appropriate ways- sometimes silly and other times more educational.

And so we present:

I wanted the day to begin and end with sharks, so for breakfast I cut up two bananas to create a simple shark and then used little sprinkles for eyes.  Bagels with cream cheese and strawberry slices for life preservers rounded out the look.

Instead of regular Sunday morning cartoons, we rented Finding Nemo for the first time.  Marshall watched it from a floatie boat, dressed in his swim trunks and a lifeguard shirt.  He loved the three sharks that befriended Nemo and Dory.
The movie finished and it was time to start playing some games.  The day before I did a rough watercolor painting of a shark and left the fin blank.  I cut out a piece of a scrapbook paper in the shape of a fin for Marshall to play “pin the fin”.

After pinning the paper shark, Marshall decided it was time to try to lampoon the real deal.  Well…the closest thing to a shark we had in Kansas City: papa.

The look on Marshall’s face says it all.  He was ready to battle the fierce creature of the sea from his little floatie boat with a “harpoon” (pool floatie) in hand.

All of this oceanic battling worked up a whale of an appetite…for the shark!  I used a spare cardboard box to cut out a surfacing shark head.  Spraypainted it grey and cut zig-zag patterns in foam plates to apply around the mouth as teeth.  It was fairly simple to pull off and it was a great party prop to have around.  Marshall absolutely adored it and had a great time “feeding” it with bean bags of “bait”.

Getting fancy with his tossing tricks

As you can imagine, all this shark feeding, worked up quite the appetite for our little guy himself.  Marshall’s favorite food was grilled cheese at the time, I would boost the health factor with finely chopped spinach and diced tomatoes.  I used Shark Week cookie cutters that I picked up at Target to cut the “seaweed” (spinach) grilled cheese with a small bowl of tomato soup for dipping.

We used those cookie cutters again for sugar cookies.  The baseball surfboard was Marshall’s favorite cookie.

While the cookies were setting, Mads took his nap.  He woke up and we finished preparing food for dinner and a shark documentary.  We wanted every piece to reflect the oceanic theme.

Our watermelon shark was pulled off with a melon-baller, knife, and veggie peeler.  I used toothpicks to affix the fin.

We wanted to try to keep the menu relatively healthy.  Our fruit and veggie platter bore the names of sea inspired foods.  Apples were cut horizontally to be “sand dollars”, carrot sticks were “crab legs”, grapes were “fish eggs”, and the cucumbers were simply “sea cucumbers”.

Besides the fruit and veggies- as well as the surfer sugar cookies we made before naptime- we also had garlic butter shrimp and blue jello topped off with shark fin sugar cookies (I used scraps left over from the surfers to cut into fins).

We can’t forget the drinks either!  Simple Shirley temples (Sprite with a touch of grenadine) and a lurking gummy shark floating about.

Dinner was delicious and we learned so much on the documentary that Marshall was sure this was the best party yet.  We still weren’t through yet!

We headed to Zona Rosa shopping center, surprising Marshall with a trip to one of his most beloved places: Barnes & Noble. If not already obvious from our blog, we are a big book loving family.  What better way to learn about sharks than a book?

Armed with additional knowledge we went for one last celebration of the majestic creature.  On our way out of Zona we made sure to hit up Cold Stone Creamery.  Every year around Shark Week Cold Stone features some gummy shark delights; from ice cream cakes to ice cream cups.  Marshall picked out yummy yellow and green gummy sharks to top his ocean blue ice cream.

What better way to spend a summer day? We were silly, we learned, and most importantly we enjoyed our time together as a family.  Happy Shark Week, I hope you can find family fun ways to spend your summer days together!


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