From the Shelf: The Story of Ferdinand 

The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf is a forgotten classic.  Written in 1936, new life is being breathed into the simple yet beautiful story.

See, Ferdinand is a bull living in Spain.  All the other bulls love to run and butt heads, but not Ferdinand.  Ferdinand may be the biggest and strongest- but he enjoys sitting alone, smelling the flowers around him.

What I like most about this book is how much I can relate to it.  Marshall is not really a fighter, he doesn’t typically enjoy rough housing.  My boy has always enjoyed picking flowers and pointing out the beauty in the world.  He may be strong, but he doesn’t need to use that strength against anyone.  Instead he can use his energy to love.

Much like Ferdinand’s mother, she allows him to be who he is; never forcing him to be who the world thinks a male should be.

Ferdinand has a familiar feel to many and has been referenced in pop culture since it’s release.  For good reason too: there is value in pacifism . . . and in the end it is to Ferdinand’s advantage.

Perfect to help tame the wild child or to reaffirm the quiet introvert.  This rich story is one of the most inexpensive on our shelf, typically retailing for $2-$4.  Buy it now and enjoy it on the big screen July 2017.


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