Celebrating Papa

I know, I know .  . . everyone- including me- pronounces the father of their child the best on Father’s Day.  So, at the risk of sounding cliché, Brad is one amazing dad.  Really.

My coworkers, his coworkers, Marshall’s in home therapists, teachers, friends, family- and even strangers at the park- have made a point to pull me aside to praise Brad’s fathering.  Anyone who has seen this guy in action has no doubts about his parenting ability and deep love for his children.

and, judging by that onesie, the feeling is mutual

He sacrifices a lot, never complaining as it’s what he wants to do.  Works tirelessly for his family, passes up opportunities to hang out with his friends- because there’s no where else he’d rather be than with us- everything he does is with the kid and me in mind.

Obviously we wanted to return the favor to him when Father’s Day rolled around.  Vi wore her special onesie for the gift giving and Marshall had his special card tie readied.

We woke Brad up to breakfast in bed (my puffy fried pancakes with applewood smoked bacon) and then gave him the card Marshall picked out.  It has a singing tie with variety of meats on them.  Brad got a good chuckle out of it and then we overwhelmed him with little bits of this and that gifts.

Cheesy #1 Dad shirts and mugs are a given on this day, right?  Then some of his favorites: BBQ accessories, ESPN baseball for his “man cave”, as well as a special shadow box award case to showcase his honor he received as an officer in Missouri.

For the Father’s Day fun, we waited until the day after to head to the Minnesota zoo and our favorite pizza joint.

The zoo has a special dinosaur exhibit until Labor Day.  We definitely had to take advantage of this and adventure in with the kiddos.

The kids loved exploring and seeing all the animals- both existing and extinct.  They laughed, Marshall would ask questions, and Vi would wave and say “Hi, hi, hi!”

Marshall loved running from animal to animal to show his sister new animals and habitats.

Marshall has long favored penguins and on this trip we also discovered Vi has a pretty strong favorite animal as well.  The prairie dog town had Vi just giddy.  She was waving and pointing, giggling, and saying “Hi” to each one.  It was so adorable, her joy became contagious and suddenly all of us were excited over the silly little creatures.

My favorite part wasn’t the animals as much as watching my husband with our children.  He nurtures their inquisitiveness, their interests, and their growth into good people.  I am so lucky to have this man for our children.

We left the zoo ready for some good food. What better way than to celebrate him than with an awesome pizza from our favorite local joint?

Seriously, if you are in the twin cities and are up for some great pizza with unusual toppings- Pizza Lola is for you!  Our kids get downright giddy when they see what that are in store for here.

The kids split a cheese pizza and this time Brad and I opted for “the sunny side”, a pizza topped with sunny side eggs and bacon.  It was delicious, though our all time favorite probably is still the Korean BBQ pizza.

Really, though, there can’t be a bad pizza coming out of their custom-made copper pizza oven.  Fed by Minnesota birch trees, this Italian staple done with Korean flare is such a treat.

We headed home exchanging stories from our journey as parents.  Laughing, sometimes so hard that we had tears in our eyes.  It was an amazing day of making more memories and reflecting on our journey so far as parents.  There isn’t anyone I’d rather be on the journey with. Happy Papa’s Day Bradley.


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