Story time to Scribe

Since Marshall was just a bit younger than Vi is now, we have always made it a point to get our little ones into their local library.  With Marshall, I was working during the day and Brad would work straight night shifts.  Brad would bring Marshall into story time, the only dad among all the moms and nannies.  Now it is my turn to bring the kids in while Brad is at work.

Both get so excited when they see the library.  They love having the librarian read to them and asking them questions about what they just heard.  Afterward, we always stick around to browse the books.

I started going over the sorting process with Marshall.  How to find what books he wants based on how his library has them sorted.  With little Vi I’m working on learning that the library is a quiet space. . .

we will have to keep working on that

After we got home, Marshall and I talked about books some more over lunch.  He wanted to write his own book and I asked him what he wanted it to be about.  Puppies?  Superheroes?  Whatever you want!  He said hands.

Technically, the first language Marshall was pretty fluent in was American Sign Language.  His apraxia was too hard for him to navigate around at such a very young age, but he picked up signs incredibly easily.  Our in home speech pathologist said she never knew of a child picking it up so quickly.  He flourished in ASL and still will revert to sign when he is really excited or overwhelmed.  So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised he wanted to write his first book in his first language.

I figured paint would be the best way to achieve his ASL ABCs.  Paint, brushes, paper cut to size, and a dollar store photo book.

We carefully painted his hand and fingers different colors to help distinguish how he made each sign.  Red to show open hand/fingers and blue to show folded over fingers.  Orange to help show when to move your hands in different motions.  Press onto the paper, allow to dry, and then put in the photo book.  Quick, easy, and fun.

As we made each sign, Mads made sure to show his sister how to “say” her ABCs.  He let them dry for a few hours and then we slid them into the plastic photo book.  And just like that he made a baby-proof ASL book of ABCs; his very first book for our little author/ illustrator.


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