From the Shelf: Color Our World

Color Our World- inspired by the “It’s a Small World” ride in Disney world- is the perfect board book for even the littlest of little ones.

I love board books, they are perfect for the under two crowd who can be pretty hard on books.  I purposefully have all of our books sorted: traditional, paper books in Marshall’s room.  Only hardy board books in Vi’s room and the living room.

This book is not only colorful, but also has fun pull out pieces.  Sliding out from the edge of the pages, the story is expanded before your child’s eyes and provides a fun surprise.

Color Our World gracefully teaches your child colors using varying parts of the world as examples.  From Thailand’s blue waters to Egypt’s yellow sand, it teaches colors as well as the idea that it’s a big world out there.

A lot of different kinds of settings with different kinds of people in different traditional garments.  But the story never focuses on the people or cultures- just the environment around them.  I like that it takes a matter of fact approach and doesn’t focus on the differences of the characters, it instead celebrates the diversity of the world.

For these reasons, it is one of this mama’s all time favorites.  With its bold colors, sliding pages, and adorable character it is also one of Vi’s favorites.  Make sure to pick this one up to introduce all the varying colors of this world and normalize the diversity of our planet.


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