Strawberry Summer

Pumpkin spice may epitomize fall but strawberry rules summer as the season flavor.  Due to this, what better way to spend a cool and cloudy summer morning than going to the strawberry patch?

When we arrived at the farm, we promptly got our berry pickin’ bucket- here you are charged by the bucket not by the pound- and waited for the tractor to bring us to the berry fields.

The rows were aplenty and each one was full of ripe strawberries for the picking.  Young farm hands ride bikes around the farm, directing folks to which rows have the most berries ready to be harvested.

Marshall was like an old pro, he happily went straight to work.  He would hoot and holler when he found a particularly large or juicy strawberry.

Violet helped papa for a while, until she decided to start trying to sample the berries instead of put them in the bucket for purchase.  Then she was relegated to sitting in the row, enjoying the flowers.

Before we knew it, our bucket was filled to the brim.  The sweet smell was thick in the air as we got back up onto the tractor to head back in.  On our way back, Vi caught sight of the cows.  She was thrilled and kept waving hi to the small herd.

That was likely just a cute distraction technique by our sneaky little girl.  Because when she thought no one was looking she tried to grab a handful of berries.

It was a perfect day down on the farm.  The cows mooing, chickens clucking, and our kids laughing and squealing in delight at their finds.  All the while supporting local farmers and reducing our carbon footprint- making memories has never been sweeter.


Pro tip: if you aren’t going to use all of your fresh produce asap, do a quick diluted vinegar bath as soon as you get home.  About one part white vinegar to three parts water and allow to sit for at least five minutes.  It’s a trick I picked up at the farmer’s markets of KC.  It cleans the fruit and vegetables surprisingly well and helps extend the life of the produce in thanks to the vinegar.  Fear not, there isn’t enough vinegar in the bath to make the fruit/ vegetable taste of vinegar.  You could use lemon juice in place of vinegar too.


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