Violet’s Golden 1st Birthday Party

Yesterday, we gathered with family to celebrate Violet’s golden first birthday!  We went with a gold and mint color scheme for the occasion with some hints of rainbow throughout the party as a nod to our journey to this moment. Continue reading


The Day You Were Born: Violet Angeline 

“Hello!  I am here to have my baby!”  July 31st, 2015, I was supposed to arrive at 4 pm to get hooked up to monitors and an iv placed.  To get all ready for a good night’s sleep before my 4am induction was to begin on August 1st.  I was 39 weeks to the day, it was by a miracle that I was still pregnant and didn’t have to deliver any earlier.  I was also the most pregnant I have ever been and incredibly ready to have this baby.   Continue reading

Daddy’s Little Girl

It’s not exactly a trade secret of psychologists, the bond between a daughter and her father is so very important.  It lays the groundwork for how she expects to be treated by men for the rest of her life, how she values herself, and so much more.  In our home, there is no fear about this bond.

When I was pregnant with Violet, Brad was in the middle of changing departments.  His new department required 16 weeks living on a military base for training, no matter how aptly trained or experienced an officer is.   Continue reading

The Storm

Violet is our rainbow baby, our love for her runs incredibly deep and we are grateful beyond measure that she is here.  What is a “rainbow baby” though?  The idea is that a rainbow baby is the child born after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

A storm is treacherous, you need to hunker down with those closest to you and try hard to ride it out.  When the storm is over, the devastation it left is still there for you to have to deal with.  To pick up your lives and try to rebuild using the scraps that have been left behind.  A rainbow is the light and hope that cuts through the devastation.  The promise that brighter days are ahead. Continue reading

Behind the Name: Violet Angeline

Violet Angeline turns one exactly one week from today.  So, in honor of her impending first/ golden birthday, we are going to do a post for her every day this week!

Brad and I are planners by nature.  Before we even planned on having children we had names picked out for them- four names for each gender and the order they would be used.  Years and years ago we had the perfect name picked for the perfect girl: Violet Angeline.   Continue reading

When Danger Knocks

September 2, 2014.

We were living in a quiet northern suburb of Kansas City.  Brad worked overnights and we were fresh off of Labor Day weekend.

Marshall (then two years old) and I were just waking up for the day; still in our pajamas, we made our way to the kitchen to get started on breakfast as day barely broke over the city.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Continue reading