Papa’s Shop

On the edge of our home is a good size room.  It’s full of Christmas and Easter decorations, odds & end boxes, and Brad’s hobby stuff.  Brad calls it his “man cave”, Marshall calls it “Papa’s shop”.

Papa’s shop if pretty special to Marshall.  After I gave birth to Vi, papa would bring Marshall to the shop and work on little projects together.  I had a few minor complications while healing and was trying to figure out a routine with breastfeeding and pumping, but Marshall still felt like he was getting all the attention out in the shop as he built things with his daddy.

The monster truck they built together shortly after bringing Vi home from the hospital

The father-son bond between the two is as strong as the projects they create.  And Marshall beams with pride as he explains to anyone around that he built this and that with his papa.  Even after watering the garden countless times, he still reminds me daily that “my papa and me made this for you, mom!”

Working together to hammer out my garden bed frame
While building these things, he is working on his fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving skills.  He’s learning how to create a world for himself and take pride in his craftsmanship.

But there’s more at work here.  He’s making lifelong memories with his papa. He’ll be able to tell his own children, someday, that he learned how to build this or use that tool from his own dad.  He can look at the various projects and remember his dad taking the extra time and patience to include him.

Definitely recommend buying some little Build & Grow kits from Lowe’s.  They are quite inexpensive and very kid friendly.
Of course, he also gets to enjoy the fruits of their time together now.  As he builds his little bird houses and watches as he helps the little animals find homes.

Proud of his little house

This bird house suctions to windows so you can watch the birds as they nest











Yes, a lot of fine things and good memories are built out in papa’s shop, as an amazing little boy is slowly being taught how to be a great man.


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