DIY Tutu

Nothing completes a little lady’s outfit quite like a fun tutu!

Be it a Halloween costume, such as a tutu dress for a tiny Tinkerbell

or sporting events (repurposing big brother’s hand-me-down jersey)

to completing an outfit for an Etsy onesie

Tutus are for any season or occasion- the best part?  They are super cheap and easy to make yourself!  On average, I can make these tutus for about $4 and takes about half an hour.  That price is pretty great when you start looking to buy and see that many similar sell online for $25+.

First you need your supplies.  Today I’m making a tutu for Vi’s first Fourth of July celebration. So I am using three colors; about a yard and a half a color.  Once you have your tulle, you just need elastic (I prefer half-inch elastic for my little lady), a bit of thread, and scissors!

Measure the person’s waist to see how much elastic you will need.  Subtract an inch to two inches from the measurement and cut your elastic.

Vi’s waist is 18 inches, so I cut 16 inches of elastic

Now simply stitch the elastic ends together.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can hand sew it pretty easily.

If you’re using a brother brand sewing machine, I suggest using the #15 stitch to get a good solid lock between the two ends

Set aside the elastic waistband and grab your tulle.  You can decide how long you want your skirt or dress based on your wants from the outfit.  It’s summer, hot out, and I want this to be like a little “blast” of a firecracker so I’m aiming for a shorter skirt this time- about six inches out from the waistband.

Because of the technique we are using, you want to cut your tulle double the amount of your desired length- adding about a half inch to account for the elastic.

So I cut 12.5 inch long strips and then cut them (roughly) two inches wide

I like to grab a spare bucket to put the tulle in to keep it organized (why yes, that is a wine bucket haha)

You have your waistband, cut tulle, and now it’s just a matter of time and patience putting it together!

Take one piece of tulle and fold it in half, leaving a sort of loop at the end.

Now place the loop under the waistband, with the top of the loop just above the top hem.

Loop it over and tuck the loose ends through.

Now pull the ends down and work the loop up to form a neat knot.

Voila!  You have your start!  It gets pretty easy and quick the further you go.

As you add more knots, make sure to push the existing ones close together so you end up with a nice, full tutu.

If you are doing a multi-color tutu, like me, make sure you do about 4-6 knots of one color before moving onto the next color.  I used 6 knots of each color before moving onto the next with this one.

If you are wanting to use little lines of light colors with dark, like this trooper tutu, still make sure to use at least 3 knots to make sure the color comes through.

So there you have it!  For a fraction of the price, you can make fun tutus for day-to-day use, dress up, or holidays!  Here’s a peek at Vi’s Fourth of July outfit now.

Feel free to add to the tutu as well.  Add a soft ribbon to the top to help make it less scratchy if the person wearing it isn’t wearing a onesie.  Or make little tulle ribbons and add fun buttons to add a little bit of extra cuteness.

Like this cute bow with baseball button for her Royals tutu

Stay tuned on how to make simple tulle bows and flowers to add to headbands or tutus!


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