The Wooden Anniversary 

Every anniversary has a traditional gift.  By now it should be pretty clear that Brad and I are cheesy by nature… romantic, cheesy- same difference right?  Due to our nature, we like keeping to tradition and giving each other gifts in spirit of the anniversary theme.

This year’s anniversary theme is wood.  I gifted Brad lumber for his shop, for him to build the projects he’s been talking about.  As for my gift, Brad (with help from Marshall) built me this beautiful picnic table.

It wasn’t the gifts that made the day special.  It was being with the children we created together.  It was surprising each other with thoughtful acts.

Beautiful love, beautiful children. One thing Marshall consistently wishes for, with dandelions and candles, is “to be married”. It makes me feel like we must be showing a good example to our children in what a loving marriage looks like.


Brad arrived home from work- because yes, he works on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries- to me cooking up a surprise.  I recreated our wedding reception menu from the resort we married at.  Made from scratch with lots of love.

Chicken parmesan, shrimp linguine in a white wine sauce, and garlic cheese bread

okay, I didn’t make our dessert, but the tiramisu was so tasty!

We ate outside, reliving our past and dreaming of our future.  I really couldn’t have wanted anything more.  And then he surprised me.

About six months ago my amazing sister set up Brad and my first date since Vi’s birth.  She looked up everything and booked a wine and paint night over the phone, states away!  Brad and I had a great time.  We both really enjoyed how relaxing painting was (maybe the wine helped too).

Brad decided to recreate that at home.  Buying paints, easels, and everything we needed to follow along.  Under the lights of the pergola, we painted and sipped wine.

Perfect anniversary night

Look at this man. Holding his pajama clad daughter in one hand as he paints with the other. He is perfection to me.

My finished painting

We have been together for nearly a decade.  Each year we’ve been together people have said that the romantic gestures would fade.  The new feeling would ware away.  In some ways it has, in a lot of ways it’s gotten better.  Here’s to being forever newlyweds.  Here’s to my best friend and love of my life.


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