Independence Weekend

Fourth of July was a weekend long event in our home.  Vi turned 11 months old on the first, our anniversary is on the second, we cowboyed up for a rodeo on the third, and finally rung in Independence Day on the Fourth of July!

Tired yet?  Me too!  As we recover from the weekend, let’s give you a recap.

On the first of every month we take Vi’s month by month pictures; just as we did with Marshall on the thirteenth of every month.  At their first birthday we display the pictures in a themed garland.

This was Marshall’s 1st birthday banner, pumpkins for his Monster Mash theme

Since this is the last month before Vi turns one (how is that possible?!) we dressed her in gold so we can use the pictures for her birthday invitations.  I made her pants and headband after having a hard time finding gold outfits in the stores.  The shirt we purchased on clearance at Babies’R’Us in Kansas City.

You can read about our anniversary on the second here.

The third, we dressed up the kids in their country finest and headed or to the rodeo!  Marshall always gets so excited for it and so looks forward to this annual tradition.

Sibling love…until the cheescurds and lemonade came

Marshall gave the motocross men a standing ovation

she loved every second, clapping and laughing

you can see the love in her eyes, she is a total daddy’s girl

We had a great time at the rodeo; watching cowboys and bull riders, clowns and motocrossers.  The whole atmosphere, with the announcer’s heavy southern drawl and country music blasting over the speakers, was thick with American pride.

The kids were tuckered out and Brad had to work the next morning, so we headed out, hanging up out cowboy hats until next year.

Brad left for work before the kids woke up so I readied the decorations and got their outfits together.  And really, just how cute are they?

“America home of the brave” shirt with red, white, and blue shorts

her second outfit with the tutu a made (learn how to make it here)

showing off her 4th of July diaper

Marshall and I got to work on our patriotic fruit pizza using sugar cookie dough, cream cheese, blueberries, and glazed strawberries.

mixing up the dough

patting out the dough on the cookie sheet

rolling out a rectangle shape

his favorite part: poling holes to make sure there isn’t any bubbling


Before we knew it, Brad was off from work and had the grill roaring.  He is our resident BBQ master.

Vi also got to enjoy her summer favorites, sweet corn and watermelon.

It was a perfect day spent together, topped off by playing with red, white, and blue glow sticks.  With the ages of my children, sparklers and the like really aren’t safe or appropriate.  So I make a point to stop at the dollar store and pick up a few packs for them to play with.  They loved it and we didn’t have to worry about any burns, a win-win!

We hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday.  God bless America!


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