Cloth Diapering: On the Go

When people find out we cloth diaper, it is almost always followed up by “All the time?  Even when you aren’t home?!”  The answer to that is: of course!  It’s really not difficult and even if you don’t use cloth diapers, there is a handy item you should know about!

When cloth diapering on the go, I make sure to pack a few pocket diapers -or- a diaper cover with spare inserts for wet changes (not forgetting to pack an extra diaper cover in case of a dirty diaper).

I also make sure to have a travel wetbag.  I seriously wish I would have known about travel wet bags when I used disposable diapers with Marshall!  This waterproof bag is perfect for soiled clothes from blow outs to spilt food.  We have a designated one that we only use for wet swimsuits from the pool too!


Anyway, back on point, that’s the only extras you need for cloth diapering while out and about.  The rest of my diaper bag is made up of your regular mom assortment.

If Vi needs a change; I simply whip off the pocket diaper, put it in the wetbag, and replace with a fresh diaper.  If it’s a cover, I take the inserts and put them in the wetbag, replacing with fresh inserts, and snap the cover back on.

When we return home, I just turn the travel wet bag inside out and drop it all into the wet pail- ready for wash day.

On longer trips, some prefer to use a hybrid method.  Using a disposable insert in the cover.  You can throw away the disposable insert when used and replace with a fresh insert.  The benefits of doing hybrid diapers while on the road is that you can throw away the inserts instead of filling up a wetbag, there isn’t as much being put in a landfill as traditional disposable diapers, and the diaper covers are still more reliable at containing messes than disposables.  The cons are: the inserts are expensive for regular use and you are still adding waste to landfills, however small that may be.

It really comes down to preference, there is no wrong way!  Do not be fooled into the idea that you need some specialty “cloth diaper diaper bag”, I use the same Eddie Bauer diaper bag with Violet and cloth that I used with Marshall and disposables.  Just throw the needed cloth and a travel wetbag in and go!


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