From the Shelf: The Peace Book

After the events of this past week, with the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile along with the killing of five Dallas officers by a sniper, I find myself reaching for this book to read to my children.

The Peace Book, by Todd Parr has simple messages of what peace means that are paired with jovial, bright pictures.

Every page has one sentence on what peace is.  The message is simple and the meaning is sowing seeds in little minds for bigger concepts to come.

He speaks of keeping the oceans clean for the sea life, keeping people sheltered, and fed.  Big concepts that adults are trying to figure solutions to.  But he makes them bright and fun, preparing the next generation to be good people and keep peace.

These little lessons will serve our children well now and as they grow.  My favorite is when his simple messages extend to kindness.  We need a bit more of that and a little less pride right now.

This is a time of uncertainty.  Adults are fearful and fear can bring out the worst.  So when my children are seeing and hearing things that I don’t quite know how to explain, I look towards my shelf.  The Peace Book, with its silly colorful pictures, has helped me focus my children away from the ugliness going on and instead look us to how we can help make our corner of this world a little better.

These conecepts are needed now more than ever but the messages are always relevant.  For that reason I can’t recommend this enough.

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