Life of the Party

I’m sorry the posts haven’t been rolling out like they once were, I know I’ve been slacking on keeping up with writing about all the things we have been doing with the kids and what’s been on my mind.  Why the sudden halt?  Because someone is about to have a birthday!

And not just any birthday, it’s her 1st and her golden!

That’s right, our miracle Violet Angeline is about to be one year old!  If you are familiar with our family, you know that means Brad and I have started putting together our creations to bring together a party we can be proud of.

Yes, we throw “Pinterest” parties.  We are the parents that choose themes and run with it.  At times we have been asked why we do it, why not just cake and some balloons, call it a day?  “They won’t remember it anyways.”

And they’re right.  Marshall likely won’t remember any of the parties we have given him, he may not remember a few more to come.  And that’s okay.  Violet absolutely will not remember this upcoming birthday that we are currently working on.  And that’s okay.

See, parties are something both Brad and I enjoy doing.  We don’t do them to “show off” or because we think “just” cake and balloons are inferior in any way.  We don’t judge or think twice about anyone else’s parties.  We do them because we truly enjoy it.

We enjoy the creative process.  We enjoy the way our children’s faces light up.  We try to make this into a physical show of love from us to them.

I have long suffered from anxiety, at times cripplingly so.  I’m sure there will be future posts about this from me, but for now I will simply say that art has long been my saving grace.  Whether it be sketching with my black and grey pencils or crafting up creations for my children, art gives my anxiety a release.  It keeps my hands busy and my mind goes blissfully blank, free of fear and intrusive thoughts.

So when you see the things I create and say “wow, that would drive me crazy doing those patterns over and over” for me it was a brief reprieve from the “crazy” going through my mind. (Side note: I really hate that word)

For Brad, he enjoys going to his shop and building things for his family through woodworking.

There is a pride that comes from working with his hands and creating things for his wife and children.  He’s currently building three games for Violet’s party.  All three were his idea and he’s been pretty excited about getting to do this for his daughter.  I absolutely cannot wait to post all about it after the party!

We are busy at work on all the things for her party, but we’ve definitely not forgotten about our blog.  We plan on having a special week of posts leading up to Violet’s birthday, so definitely tune in for that.  Why Vi is our Rainbow Baby, the story behind her name, and a somewhat humorous birth story (Brad was tired, ya’ll) are all scheduled, among others.

Can’t wait to show you the finished product of what we’ve been working on!  It will be so worth it.

Until next time!


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