Daddy’s Little Girl

It’s not exactly a trade secret of psychologists, the bond between a daughter and her father is so very important.  It lays the groundwork for how she expects to be treated by men for the rest of her life, how she values herself, and so much more.  In our home, there is no fear about this bond.

When I was pregnant with Violet, Brad was in the middle of changing departments.  His new department required 16 weeks living on a military base for training, no matter how aptly trained or experienced an officer is.  

Brad missed every appointment, a stark contrast to our previous pregnancies.  But when he returned on the weekends, he couldn’t stop rubbing my belly and singing to his baby who grew within.  It sounds crazy, I know, but even then I swear she was a daddy’s girl.  She would be quiet all week, but her daddy would get home late on Friday night and she would hear his voice or feel his hand on my baby bump and she would kick her heart out.  It was a bond from the start.

People would hear we were expecting a girl and automatically question if Brad was excited or if he wanted a boy.  We have always only hoped for healthy and happy, never yearning for one gender or another.  But for some reason these people put little seeds of doubt in my head.

Would he be happier with a boy?  Will he be more hands on with Marshall?  Violet Angeline was born and these questions were automatically answered.

He was up immediately for middle of the night diaper changes from the very first night she was on this Earth.

Seen here in the hospital
He was so proud of his daughter, announcing her to the world and beaming with the exact same pride that he reserved for his son.

Their connection was undeniable.  She was always a fairly calm baby, but she was always happiest in her papa’s arms and still is.  Brad soaked up every moment he could with her.  And still does.

The look on his face tells the story, really

When visiting family or friends would hold her, the littles amount of crying from tiny Violet would bring a dark shadow over the person cradling her.  That shadow was Brad.  He would instantly be upon them, scooping his baby out of their arms to comfort her.  Daddy is always here for you.

When we went to the doctor for her first check up and vaccinations, he was there holding her hands and singing to her in front of nurses to calm her.  I pumped milk and he made sure he fed her to sooth her.  The look of pure joy on his face as he successfully eases your pain is something that can’t stop me from smiling, even now.

The pictures show his genuine joy and excitement at being a dad.  Living in the house with the two show the pride he takes in being a new dad to a daughter.  He’s made a point to let me know that he wants to be there for all the firsts, even something as seemingly small as her first real bath, it was important to him to be there for that.

Yes, from even the earliest days she had her daddy tightly wrapped around that tiny little pinkie of her’s, caring for her in the most gentle and loving manner possible.  Violet Angeline has always been the reigning queen.  This love exuded off of Brad, and she soaked it all in.

The instant he would get home from work, she would want her papa and he would lovingly oblige.  Putting her in the baby sling so he could get some cuddles while doing the dishes, he always makes a point to show his daughter unending love and affection.
And so, when she started getting old enough to show her own emotions, she returned the favor.  Always having endless hugs, kisses, and giggles for her favorite man.
Whenever we go out, be it locally or traveling a bit further out, you will often find Violet in the baby carrier- being worn by Brad.  He loves wearing her, he loves sharing food with her, singing along to surrounding music to her, and talking to her; narrating the world around them.  There couldn’t be a better man for her to learn about the world from.

As we head into the closing of her first year, I have no doubt that she feels so very loved in our family.  I also have no doubt that Brad absolutely loves both of his children, that he dove head first into fathering a daughter, putting his whole heart and soul into this little girl.  I am so very grateful for this strong bond that continues to grow in front of me, Violet will undoubtedly be alright in life, having so much love surrounding her.


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