A Year of Firsts

Every year flies by with children, but never is there so many changes than that very first year.

So here is a simple overview in pictures of  Violet’s very first year!

Violet was brought home August 2nd, weighing 7 lbs 0 ounces and 19 inches long

She didn’t love her first bath- but she pulled off one heck of a Jack Nicholson impression

When she finally fit into her one-size cloth diapers, she wore a Louis Armstrong themed Bumgenius pocket diaper first. Fun fact: Brad & my wedding song is a Louis Armstrong song.

Brother’s first day back at school was also Vi’s first day getting mom all to herself. She was heartbroken, clearly.

She found out how much we love October and fall

Her first Halloween, she went as Tinkerbell to her brother’s Captain Hook. I made her costume to fit her tiny newborn body.

She handled her first Christmas (and first 25 Days of Christmas) with ease

She even learned how to look warm during her first Minnesota winter

I dressed her in her best “old lady goes to the casino” outfit to celebrate her first New Years

She started sitting with consistency by five months

Her first tooth popped up at five months. She now has nine teeth.

Brad Meltzer, author of the “Ordinary People Change the World” series, gave Vi her first celebrity/ favorite author shout out (and mom fan girled relentlessly)

Her first food was Feb 1st (six months old) and was sweet potatoes, we did baby led weaning

Her first appearance in our Dingman family Valentine

She had her first Valentine’s Day. Papa was her first Valentine: giving her a card, tiny flowers, and a little pearl necklace that she adored.

We discovered how much she loves corn beef on her first St. Patrick’s Day

Dressed in a mint dress, she rang in her first Easter in style. Her first Easter basket was an awesome STEM theme.

Violet’s first word was “Papa” (Italian for dad/ daddy) at 8 months. She now has a hanful of words but her favorite things is still excitedly shrieking at random moments.

Vi celebrated her first Earth Day at the Great Cloth Diaper Change. She has already saved about half a ton of landfill by wearing cloth diapers and was rewarded by winning big at the GCDC: a Finnish Baby box and almost $200 worth of bamboo inserts!

She made her first trip to Kansas City and took in her first Royals game at Kauffman stadium

On our way back from KC, we stopped in Omaha for Vi’s first zoo visit. What better first zoo than one of the top ranked in the country?

With the changing seasons came summer. Vi loved being able to be outside without being all bundled up for the first time at our kickoff to summer party

Her first time rooting on her brother, actively shrieking for him and clapping

First time going to the strawberry patch

Like a true summer baby, she took to her first time at the beach like an old pro

Our first Fourth of July with our little firecracker was full of American summer fun. She started walking just days after (11 months old)

Oh, and she ate her first donut- that’s a pretty big first, right? She couldn’t stop smiling, even when biting in.

Now, closing in on one, Violet weighs 20 pounds and is 30 inches tall. She has gained 13 lbs and grown 11 inches.

As fast as those pictures went, it feels like that’s how fast this past years flew by.  A series of memories in snapshots that I’m sure we will forever treasure.  Violet has grown to be feisty, silly, and fun.  She is curious and has an adventurous soul, but her favorite thing to do is laugh and make others laugh.  While we miss those early, unlimited cuddle days of newborn life we also love watching her grow and flourish into the amazing little girl she is now.  We can’t wait to watch you continue to grow and experience so much more of the world, Violet Angeline!


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