Violet’s Golden 1st Birthday Party

Yesterday, we gathered with family to celebrate Violet’s golden first birthday!  We went with a gold and mint color scheme for the occasion with some hints of rainbow throughout the party as a nod to our journey to this moment.

First let me tell you, my husband is amazing.  He worked for fifteen shifts straight leading up to the party, coming home at two am and going out to his workshop to build Vi’s projects (despite me repeatedly telling him that he shouldn’t).

While he did the woodworking and painted various things, I crafted all the decorations.  Every tassel was handmade, even the bean bags for the games were stitched up quickly during naptimes.  We tried to pour as much love as we could into the party and it was hectic trying to get everything done in time.

I stayed up until three in the morning the day of her party and then woke up again at seven- realistically I should have woken up at six.  My sister and brother-in-law came by 9:30 to help finish making the food with me, but by the time we got to the park we were already running an hour and a half behind so decorations had to go up hastily- some didn’t get put up at all- and some were kind of disheveled.  BUT I still think it was a lovely party for our little Queen Violet Angeline.

The buffet table.  We did small tea sized sandwiches, cucumber finger sandwiches, PB&J finger sandwiches, homemade Asiago mac & cheese (Vi’s favorite food), mini caprese cups, and a variety of fruit.  We wanted to do small, delicate foods that were fitting of a tea party (except the mac & cheese, that was simply because it’s Vi’s favorite)

We arranged the fruit in elongated vases to make a rainbow (I know, the blue and green should be switched- that was one of the goofs I mentioned above due to hastily trying to throw everything together).  A chalk board sign said “After a storm, there is a rainbow of hope”

The hydration station and lemonade stand.  Every month on the first, we would take a picture of Violet, these pictures made up her First Year banner that hung above the lemonade stand. 

My two favorite combinations were seltzer with blueberry and strawberry mint.  The lemonade stand was a hit with all of the different combinations available to personalize your cup.

I put gold glitter on the base of all the plastic stemmed cups and made some simple syrups to be mixed in with the lemonade.  The sign says: “Lemonade Stand!  Pour a cup and juice it up!  Add a splash of seltzer to make it sparkle or a dash of added flavor to make it really shine!  Mango, blueberry, mint, and strawberry”

Brad made Violet’s highchair and decorated it in the tassel garland I made with gold heart string lights and an adorable ONE banner

Vi enjoying her mac and cheese

Try out her favorite recipe yourself!  I use the asiago cheese recipe found here but I add a teaspoon or two of garlic powder.  I left it plain for the party but usually at home I add some mozzarella pearls once I mix the cheese in with the noodles, maybe add some bacon or prosciutto, and then top it off with some more mozzarella pearls and bread crumbs then broil for a short time in the oven.  Mmm mmm, bellissma!

Marshall playing Shoot for Gold that Brad made. The kids aimed for the gold cups with ping-pong balls, the all gold center cup was a bonus point

Vi playing plinko with papa

The rainbow bean bag toss game

The one game Brad didn’t make, a rainbow ring stacking game reminiscent of Violet’s baby toy

Marshall playing “Pin the crown on Queen Violet Angeline” We blew up her newborn picture and cut out little knit crowns.

It was set up wonderfully.  My eldest niece in attendance took charge of the prizes and dutifully handed them out to the younger kids.  There was enough games spread out that the kids didn’t have to wait long for their turn and there was no fussing.  The adults were able to sit at the tables nearby visiting and looking on.

Soon Vi was starting to tire from all the excitement, so we decided to go for the cake and presents while she was still excited and awake.

She opened many of the presents on her own. Excitedly shrieking and kissing each gift.

Forgive the smash cake. I made it at two am and ran out of icing. Not my finest decorating job but Vi cared more about the chocolate center than she did about the golden tower.

I was happy with the gold ombre cupcakes though!

Ever the thoughtful girl, she made sure to share her cake with those standing closest before digging in for herself

But man did she love it when she did start eating it

“Grandpa you gotta try this!”

Our family

After the cake, she was sure to ham it up

Violet fell asleep shortly after, being worn in her baby carrier by her papa.  Blissfully asleep, happy and surrounded by love of family that traveled far to celebrate her turning one.

Thank you to everyone who came to the party, to everyone who wished Vi a happy birthday, and to my sister and brother-in-law for helping save me with the food preparation.  It was truly a special way to celebrate our golden girl.


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