Today You Are One

You turned one today, Vi!

In our family, we always have a party with family and friends shortly before or after our children’s actual birthday.  On the actual birthday we like to have it be just our family.  Just Brad, Marshall, Violet, and I.
We also celebrate the birthday in the style of the season.  Marshall was born in October, so on his birthday we always go to the pumpkin patch.  Violet being August makes her a natural water baby.  So, for her birthday we spent the day doing Pirate’s Cove mini golf and at a Paul Bunyan themed water park.

First, though, is a different tradition.  We started this tradition when Marshall was one year old, every year taking a picture of him at the time of birth.  For Marshall that is a very reasonable 1:24 pm.  Violet made her surprise entrance at 3:14 am.  Yup.  My mom guilt won’t allow me to not do for her what I have been doing for her brother, so I guess she will have lots of stalker-esque middle of the night pictures on her birthday to look forward to.

Her birth minute picture. We cosleep with our children until shortly after one year old (hence Brad’s arm in the picture)

I went back to sleep after the picture until a more reasonable hour.  Then we headed out for all our water themed fun!

She was eager to try to mini golf

Papa showing her how to play

On the pirate ship

The kids loved taking in all the little waterfalls and waterworks at the mini golf course.  But they definitely loved the water park the most!

The park was almost completely empty

Little Vi manned the water cannon, screaming with delight as she whipped it from side to side

Violet Angeline absolutely loved every minute, she couldn’t stop laughing and smiling

I think our favorite part of the water park was the lazy river.  Marshall and I went in one tandem tube and Vi and Brad in another.  We all laughed and chatted happily as we went around and around several times.  It was a really nice moment of just the four of us.

After all that excitement we got Chinese take out.  Vi is a true foodie; she loves cabbage egg rolls, cream cheese wontons, and shrimp fried rice.  We returned home to eat and surprise Violet with her birthday present from us.

Brad set it up in the backyard and we brought Vi out.  She immediately ran as fast as her little legs would allow, zigzagging right to it.  She was excitedly shrieking the whole way.

It must have been just what she wanted!

A mushroom table and stool set with leaf canopy! Perfect for her wonderland bedroom. The table, stools, and leaf are all from Ikea, with me making simple mushroom top slip covers to complete the look in a cost-effective way.

I know I keep saying it through all of these posts this week in honor of her, but I truly cannot say how grateful I am to have my children.  I cannot say enough how crazy it is that this beautiful girl is one year old.  Time moved so slowly during those years of heartache, waiting for our second child.  Now she is here and everything is moving at warp speed.

I hope you know that you are loved beyond measure, Violet.  I hope you know how incredible you are.  I hope you never lose your fiery spirit and loving ways.  I hope your first year has been wonderful and everything you could have hoped for and more- but I hope every year after is even better.
Happy birthday Violet Angeline.


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