Rio Olympics 

When you can’t go to the Olympics, why not bring the Olympics to you?!  With summer quickly winding down, we knew we needed to squeeze in some more of our little at-home parties to make the most of the nice weather.  This weekend, we taught the kids about the Olympics.

We made the torch out of aluminum foil and tissue paper and the olive wreath out of a paper plate and construction paper

We used jerseys that we had on hand.  Marshall had a Brasil soccer outfit that we picked up before he started soccer this spring, Vi used a USA hand-me-down jersey set that was her brother’s, and Brad represented Italia (you marry an Italian, you become a fan of them, naturally).

We set up various games to rotate through.  But before the games comes the  Olympic torch relay.

Our first event was the javelin.  USA was busy pulling grass up from the yard, but Brasil showed great aim and patience as he racked up the points.

The next event was archery.  USA decided to sing and twirl while Brasil and Italia faced off.  Brasil did a good job taking aim all by himself.

But now it all came down to the main event: the “couple” meter dash.  Italia took the runners starting position, USA followed suit . . . and then got distracted by the grass and her endless urge to pull it up, Brasil remained laser focused on finish line.  It was a close race with Brasil just barely edging out Italia and USA rounding out third place.

The time for the medal ceremony came.  Brad made some medals with cardboard and twine, the kids absolutely adored them.  USA was ready for dinner though, so she kept trying to leave the medal ceremony early.

Hangry (hungry+angry) is a very real emotion in our house

To ease USA’s appetite we served up a Brazilian dinner in honor of this year’s Olympics being held in Rio.  Now, I’m not really big on a lot of south of the border cuisine.  I don’t like beans (any of them, I know I’m a horrible foodie) and cannot stomach cilantro.  But we found a couple of recipes that definitely satisfied even the pickiest eater.

Bauru & Pao de Queijo

Bauru is like a roast beef sandwich and pao de queijo is like a bread ball stuffed with cheese- um heck yes it was delicious!  For those who like to experience cultured through food I also recommend coxinhas- we had them at a Brazilian restaurant in KC and they were delicious.  It’s a thin crisp breading over cheesy shredded chicken, so yea, get on ordering one up asap!

With worn out little legs and full tummies, our little Olympians fell asleep quickly with dreams of the gold floating through their head.


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