From the Shelf: I Wish You More

Okay, so if you’ve known me for any length of time or have been keeping up with our blog over the years you should fully know by now how sentimental- and yes, cheesy- Brad and I can be.  With each other, of course, but also very much so with our children.  I love them so much my heart feels like it could explode at times, and “I wish you more” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichenheld perfectly conveys the many wishes my heart (as do most parents’) holds for my children.

The pictures are beautifully illustrated, with soft lines and bright colors for little eyes.  Each page contains just one simple wish; some relating to character and others to happiness.

Marshall is big into wishes right now.  He wishes to live with mommy forever, he wishes for “10 babies”, he wishes to be a policeman like his daddy . . . he wishes for many things.  But that’s what I like about this book, it shows him that I don’t have any particular set “dream” for him.  I don’t care if he is a neurosurgeon in New York or a cook at the local small town diner.  All I wish for him is to be a good, caring person in life and for him to be truly happy.

This beautiful book ends perfectly, letting the child know that we wish for them all of these special things because they are the fulfillment of everything we could want just the way they are.

All the feels, right?  It is so important for children to know their worth, be it your own child or those you know.  I encourage you to let your child know the simple wishes you hope for them, but always let them know just how important that are to you.  Your words now can carry them later.

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