Growing our Family

So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have already heard, but for those who aren’t (or aren’t friends with both Brad and I) we have a special double announcement for you:

The announcement I posted. Featuring the kids in their sailor outfits and announcing with a little newborn nautical diaper.

Brad’s law enforcement themed announcement

We are so very excited to be expecting a new little bundle of love coming this winter!

I think we surprised quite a few people with the news that we are indeed having a third!  We so appreciate all the words of support and congratulations that we have received.

Baby number three has had a few ultrasounds already, so here’s a quick catch up on our growing baby:

The first week of July we got our first look at the tiny beginnings of life. It was our second ultrasound as the first one didn’t show so much as a yolk sac.

The black bag to the bottom right of the baby was a subchorionic hemorrhage.  A subchorionic hemorrhage is like a pocket of blood.  It can potentially be dangerous to the forming baby, but it is also quite common.  I had one with Marshall as well- resulting in an ER trip at 9 weeks pregnant with him.  The good news is that the hematoma measured bigger than the gestational sac at this point, but as the baby grew the sac pushed the hematoma down and it has since shrunk considerably and is no longer considered a threat to baby!

Our third ultrasound followed just one week later.

In the above ultrasound you can see the yolk sac (small ball within gestational sac) just to the right of the baby.  Baby tripled in size in the week from the 2nd ultrasound to this one!

Fourth ultrasound a week following the third.

Yes, baby tripled in size again from the week prior.  At this point the baby still had its tail (all part of normal development of a fetus).  Marshall was speechless when the technician pointed it out to him, Brad told him maybe we will have a puppy instead of a baby.  Ha!  Marshall told dad that was silly and mommy only grows babies- you can’t get anything past him.

Our most recent ultrasound…until next week.

Our peanut has a heart rate of 158 beats per minute and loves to dance around for the ultrasounds (and “run away” from the doppler).  The wonderful news is that we had chromosomal testing done and have received the results back, the baby does not have any chromosomal abnormalities or disorders!  Very relieving to know that our baby is healthy and does not have any complications to overcome upon arriving this winter.

If you made it through my obnoxious amount of ultrasounds, I applaud you.  I will try not to spam too much here (or social media) of this pregnancy but I do look forward to posting some of my pregnancy, labor, and post natal care tips along with the occasional update along the way.

We are so excited to welcome this third little one into our family and we hope you are too!


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