Gender Reveal and Chromosomes

Brad and I are planners, we have always known we wanted a big family and have names for each gender- and in order of use- since like 2009.  Being planners mean we don’t wait for birth to find out gender.

No, we like to find out in advance so we can start referring to the baby by name (in private) and so we can start buying clothes and decorating.  It’s also nice because it gives us an excuse to have our own little celebration.

The gender reveal we did for Brad as he was living on base while I was pregnant with Violet

Our gender reveal to family and friends (right around St.Patrick’s Day) O’Baby! Lad or Lass, who will our rainbow be?!

It’s a Lass!

With this baby we found out gender early due to doing chromosomal testing.  I realize chromosomal testing is a sensitive topic for some, so let me give you some pretty solid reasons why you should get it done regardless of your stance on abortion.

When we had our scare with Violet, I originally opted out of early chromosomal testing due to my insurance not covering it.  Then at 20 weeks they spotted several possible issues and guess what?  I no longer had the choice, I had to get chromosomal testing.

Why?  Because all the hospitals in my region are not able to provide appropriate care for special needs newborns.  If a struggling baby happens to be born at one of these hospitals they are whisked away via helicopter or ambulance to much larger cities hours and hours away, leaving the mother and father behind.  Imagine that for a moment.  Imagine giving birth and having you baby ran out of the room.  Imagine having to heal hours away from your struggling child and not knowing if they are okay or not.

No, this is why the hospital didn’t give me a choice at that point with Vi.  Babies can and have died during transport to the larger hospitals because the critical window of care was missed.  So I had to get the testing done to at least ensure that if there was anything seriously amiss, that I would be able to at least deliver at a hospital that could give my baby a fighting chance.

Another reason we chose chromosomal testing is to be prepared.  I have had three losses, the second of which we knew we were going to lose.  While every loss is completely devastating, the shock and surprise of losing a baby definitely adds another level to the grief.  If the baby is compatible with life I want to know the challenges it faces so I can prepare and educate myself properly to meet their needs.

Obviously, there are still some that are fiercely against chromosomal testing but for people in my situation it saves lives and helps better the lives of special needs children.  So those are our reasons for choosing it.

We did Verifi, it’s just a simple blood test taken from my arm and it reads the chromosomes that the baby “sheds” into my blood stream.  No risk to mom or baby is involved.  It tests for a variety of chromosomal abnormalities as well as rare sex chromosomal abnormalities.  Since it reads the sex chromosomes it can tell gender.  It also has a higher accuracy rate than ultrasounds so whoohoo for that!  Our baby tested negative for all chromosomal abormalities they tested for!

So here it is, the big reveal for baby #3:

Brad loves archery . . . and his babies!  So why not combine the two?

We are so thrilled!!  Our third child will be a girl, joining big brother Marshall and big sister Violet.

Hopefully you are as excited for incoming baby three as we are!  The fun is just beginning!


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