Dog Days Departure 

Just hours from Canada, summer is definitely winding down.  The heat and humidity has started to waver in favor of high 60s to low 70s, even some of our small trees have decided to start changing colors in preparation for fall.  This is my favorite time of the season, this is bliss.

Gone are the days of late October color change in Kansas City, now it starts for us in August here in northern MN

To enjoy the cooler temps, we brought the kids to the local bakery for “breakfast”.  Marshall couldn’t contain himself, it’s not often he gets cookies for breakfast after all.  I very much enjoy shopping local.  This bakery may not be fancy, but it’s what pastries should be.  The owner was the one to serve us and chatted with Brad “the local Trooper”.

Once we were armed with cookies and donuts we made our way to the park.

I mean, don’t you usually wear donut pants to get donuts too?

We try to bring our kids to grand events and new adventures, but these are the moments I love most.  Them getting such a simple treat, chatting away together in the confines of the wagon, while Brad and I walk hand in hand.  To think that this time next summer we will have a six month old little girl with us too is pretty amazing.


We arrived at the park, their sugary treats finished, they were ready to play.  Before Violet was born, I would find a hint of sadness watching Marshall play on the playground by himself.  Siblings always playing together, and my son would be alone.  Now he has a friend forever and soon he will have another.

Look at them! How can we not want a whole herd of these cuties?!

Summer may be coming to a close but we are making the best of it together, always.  Yes, these are the very best of days.  This simple life is indeed bliss.


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