Backyard Campout

Every summer we go on an annual camping trip.  Yes, even last year we went camping when I was 35 weeks pregnant and on modified bed rest.  I was miserable and Brad felt awful so we said no more pregnant camping.  Fast forward one summer and here I am. Pregnant.  Ha!  

Morning sickness has not been kind, particularly in evenings.  There has also been quite a few harsh storms in Minnesota that have damaged some of the state parks that we have considered camping at this summer (before I became pregnant).  So we decided traditional camping just wasn’t in the cards for us this year.  But just because traditional camping was out doesn’t mean camping in general is!

Brad and Marshall set up the tent and a little campfire for us to make dinner on.

We were pretty lucky to have a ninja secure the tent

Our little set up seemed pretty perfect to me

Marshall loves “hockey puck pizza” as he calls it.  Using a cast iron circle pie tin, we butter bread and fill with pizza toppings, then throw it on the fire for a few minutes on each side.

Adding the sauce to the inside of the bread

Of course you have to add plenty of cheese and pepperoni

Nothing better than cooking over a fire

Ta-da! Hockey puck pizza!

I love our cast iron pie tins.  We make grilled cheese, hot ham and cheese, cheesey broccoli, and dessert pies with apple or strawberry filling with sweet glaze.

Vi eating pieces of her campfire grilled cheese

Meanwhile, Vi decided to go “berry picking”.  What’s better than picking berries for a couple Italian kids?  Picking cherry tomatoes of course!

She actually did a great job only picking the red ones after I showed her that the green ones get left on the vine

Mmm! Caprese salad and chicken spiedini here we come!

Since we weren’t going to sleep in the tent overnight, we instead opted to play some board games inside.

Marshall had to have a second helping of hockey puck pizza before heading inside. Life with an almost five year old is never boring!

The kids tried to have a living room slumber party…but Vi was much more interested in harassing her brother than she was going night-night


This year’s camping was a little different from past years’.  But different doesn’t mean bad!  And I’m sure next year’s will be altogether different with three kids ranging in age from 6 months to almost 6 years old.

It was a nice evening outside together as a family.  Marshall learned that sometimes plans change and that its okay for plans to change- sometimes they even change for the better!  We hope everyone is getting to enjoy the great outdoors while it is so nice out, be it a grand adventure in a new place or a bit closer to home.


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