Ninja Turtles then & now

When I was pregnant with Vi, one of my concerns was Marshall.  Up to that point, he was the only child and the sole focus of Brad & my world.  The sun rose and set on this little boy and now some of that attention and love would be shared.  Would he adjust okay?  Would he be jealous?  Would things be fair between this tiny needy newborn and a relatively independent toddler?  

One of the things we decided to do to help the transition it throw a small big brother  party for Marshall when we brought Violet home.  She was just over a week old at the time and I asked him what theme party he would want, he quickly said ninja turtles.  So off to the store Brad and Marshall went, buying whatever turtles things they could find in the party aisle.

It wasn’t one of our most intricate and fully realized parties we’ve ever had.  A few decorations and a pizza party with everyone wearing their ninja turtle outfits.  But this party meant so much to Marshall.  His world was definitely changed with the arrival of Vi, but he saw that we still care about his interests, just that now he has another person to join in on the fun.

Marshall told Brad where to hang the decorations and set everything out

This is one of the first times Marshall “held” Vi. When I was still pregnant, he picked out this onesie for his little sister. I think it helped him bond a bit.

Vi was unsure of the TMNT madness at that time

That was August 2015, fast forward to August 2016 and we unpacked those decorations once more for a second pizza party.

A year later and Marshall is thrilled to have his sister.  She loves playing trucks, trains- and yes- ninja turtles too.

Just call them Violetello and Marshall Angelo!

A lot has changed since Marshall was an only child, but things have really improved for the better on a whole.  My worries about adding a second child were for nothing as Marshall adjusted pretty seamlessly.

I mean, what can pizza not help after all, right?


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