1st Day of Pre-K

Today, Marshall started his third year of school, which was his first day of pre-kindergarten! 

Marshall Alexander 10-14-14 First day of Preschool Age Three “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor!”

Marshall Alexander 9-15-15 1st Day of Preschool Age 3 “When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut!”

I can’t believe this will be his last “pre” year before full-time Kindergarten next year!

We have a few “1st day” traditions at our house.  The first of which is getting a picture of his morning wake up call.


“Rise and shine, it’s morning time” I said, as I flashed on his bedroom light. I swear he must have been awake and eagerly waiting for me, he popped up with a smile shouting “Yay, school!’
Then, of course, we have our chalkboard pictures that read his name, date, grade, and what he currently wants to be as he grows up.

This was his first year we put his desire to be in law enforcement on the chalk board.  He has always wanted to be a police officer or trooper, but it’s always been “a police man and a doctor” or “a police man and an astronaut”.  I’ve been pretty open about wanting to steer Marshall away from a career in law enforcement, but this year there was no “and” there was no talking him out of it.  He wants to be a trooper and a daddy just like his papa.


Marshall Alexander, 9.12.16, 1st Day of Pre-K, age:4, ’16-’17 school year, “When I grow up, I want to be a Trooper”


And one showing off his backpack and lunchbox

Showing off his Class of 2030 shirt that we made at our back to school party.  He is just swimming in it now, but one day it will fit him perfectly (yes, I will probably cry that day)

We couldn’t leave out little Vi just because she’s too little for school!  She was excited for her first day of having mom and dad to herself.

Pictures were all taken and now there was only one thing left to do: drop Marshall off for his big first day at school!  It just happened to be one of Brad’s off days, so it was nice to see him off as a whole family.

Marshall was excited to show his friends his ninja turtle shell backpack and Captain America lunchbox- this is the first year of full day school, so it’s also his first year bringing a lunchbox.  He felt so cool in his new clothes and shoes and he couldn’t wait to see his teacher (that he already knows from our local mommy’s group) and give her a present to start off the school year.

Classroom door picture with the gift he made at our back to school party.
This year he has all day Pre-K!  It was definitely odd packing a lunch and not seeing him until hours and hours later.  At first Vi didn’t think too much about leaving her brother behind, especially since her mama and papa went out to lunch, but as the day went on she brought me her shoes letting me know she wanted to go get Marshall.  She would grab my phone and show me Marshall (my background is of the kids) and point to the door.

When it finally was time to pick Marshall up, both of the kids were excited to be reunited and the first thing Marshall said- after exclaiming how much fun he had- was “Did you miss me, mom?  I missed you.”  Gah, melts my heart everytime.  I love that he adores school but I also like how close our family is and how even when away having fun he thinks of us and Vi thinks of him.

Marshall being excused from class

We headed straight from the school to the local ice cream shop; another one of our first day of school traditions.  We ordered our ice cream- Marshall a root beer float and Vi a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream and sat down to talk about our day.

His 1st day of Preschool ’14 “Skyscraper” ice cream

1st day of Preshool ’15 root beer float treat

’16 after school ice cream

It was the perfect day to start off a wonderful school year.  We have a lot of hopes for this school year and know there will also be some changes to shake it up (hello, baby #3) but I have no doubt this year will be our best yet.


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