Marshall’s 1st birthday

As part of the countdown to Marshall’s fifth birthday, I thought it would be fun to look back on his birthday celebrations of past years.

In our family, we have a little tradition.  We almost always have a celebration with family and friends for our children’s birthdays, but on the actual day of their birthday, it is reserved for just our family.  Just Brad, me, and the kids.

Here’s a quick look back at Marshall’s first birthday!

I taped up balloons on Marshall’s door so he would wake up to fun avalanche of balloons falling with streamers and a sign reading “Our little Pumpkin is ONE!”

Let’s just say I was a little over eager for fun birthday surprises at this point.  Poor little one year old Marshall didn’t know what to think when the door opened and down came the balloons.  It startled our still tired guy and he ended up screaming and having a few tears until he got his bearings.

After the morning surprise we got Marshall all dressed up and ready for his first birthday photos.

Family photos 2012

adorable 1st smash cake photo

Yea, he didn’t like getting dirty.

We had some picture perfect and humorous moments getting photos done, with Marshall even making the studio’s main photo wall with his lovable squishy baby cheeks and big blue eyes.

Next up we went to Texas Roadhouse to have a special birthday lunch.

We headed back to our home for nap time and presents.  It’s also when we started our tradition of taking a picture of him every year at the moment of birth.

1:24 pm 10/13/12 he was opening his presents from mama & papa

Once fully woke up from his nap we got him ready for his birthday activity: the pumpkin patch!

Hay rides, train rides, bull roping, pumpkin picking, petting zoo, and more- it was the perfect way to ring in Marshall’s big day.  Everything was so exciting to him, and in turn was so exciting to Brad & I.  That’s one of the best parts of parenting, getting to see the world again through your child’s eyes.

We returned to have cake.  I made a monster cake to practice for his party.  He didn’t have any, but he loved looking at the “hairy” cake.

It was the perfect way to celebrate his first birthday.  Spent just like the day he was born; just the three of us.


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