Marshall’s 1st Birthday Party (Monster Mash)

We were still living in Missouri and decided to have Marshall’s birthday party the same weekend as Halloween so that 1) we could celebrate his party AND trick or treat with his cousins and 2) so Brad could deer hunt.  Yes, really.  It was also a nice excuse for all the kids to get a second wear out of their Halloween costumes.

Who can get enough of this, really?

We rented a small community building and set it up with a Halloween Monster Mash theme.

Marshall’s high chair. I cut out the bats and added eyes, two of them put together to read “Happy Birthday”

I like to steer clear of pinatas since they are so popular, instead we had this fun balloon pop game. Every kid gets to pop it and there’s no stampede to get the candy- you pop the balloon you get the candy within it.

The homemade photobooth/ apple dunking station

Our nieces helped make balloon spiders to decorate. I collected sweet tea canisters for months to make the pumpkin bowling pins. I wish I would’ve gotten a more up close picture of the scrapbook paper faces- SO cute

The party favors were little witches broom bags filled with Halloween pencils, ghost peep s’mores, skeleton brains (play dough with skeleton sticker label), Halloween straw cup (Frankenstein, black cat, or pumpkin)

The party space

The cake table and gift table under the month by month banner

Another of our traditions. Every month of the first year we took a picture on his “day” (the 13th), then put it in a pumpkin banner to show his growth

The food was all Halloween themed.  With spider (olives) deviled eggs, sandwiches with all the cheeses and lunch meats cut into pumpkin shapes, cheese stick & pretzel brooms, fruit cut into shapes, and the like.

Helping me get all the food prepped

All the kids had a blast playing the various games.  Marshall was so little, the poor guy overheated during the excitement of it all and got sick.

Pumpkin bowling

Bobbing for apples

Playing burst the balloon

They had a make a mummy contest using dollar store toilet paper

Photobooth picture

I really enjoy decorating cakes, so it was a fun time making a bunch of little monster and Marshall’s smash cake monster with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Since Marshall was sick he skipped blowing out his birthday candles and smashing in.

And last but not least  we opened presents with him.  He still wasn’t feeling well so he mainly just laid on Brad.

Ironically it was a great time had by all…except the birthday boy.  It was the first time Brad and I threw a children’s party and I think it went really well.  We left our extended families to go to Missouri and make a family of our own and I feel like this was the first time really showing in person that we were parents and a family.

Happy 1st Birthday Marshall!


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