Marshall’s Facts at 5

Marshall is just days away from turning five.  He’s at an age where he is more vocal than ever on his likes, dislikes, and interests.  

I interviewed him so we could get a good look at what those likes are right now:

Favorite thing to do: to play with my Hot Wheels cars

Favorite subject in school: Art and math

Best Friend: “Delilah…and she’s beautiful and I’m going to marry her.” Well then…

Favorite Color: blue (“and Delilah likes purple” okay mommy doesn’t like this Delilah talk so much right now)

Favorite Book: “and I have a girl friend” yea but what’s your favorite book? “Little Monster books” by Mercer Mayer “and Delilah likes the horse book” so this is now about Delilah and Marshall I guess.

Favorite Movie: Batman or Frankenweenie… and Delilah likes Inside Out

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Least Liked Food: Broccoli but Delilah doesn’t like popcorn (how is this possible?)

Favorite Sport: Soccer

When I grow up I want to be a: trooper and daddy and Delilah will be the mommy.  He knows how to break his Italian mother’s heart.

Least Liked Activity: to work (chores, he hates chores)

Random Ramblings: my favorite shirt is my batman shirt with the cape and Delilah really likes it and she’s wonder women.  We like to dance with each other at school and I’m nice to her.  I’m writing a (comic) book about fruit super heroes and Delilah is the watermelon hero.

And some facts about Marshall from throughout his life:

He first walked at 9 months old, didn’t get his first tooth until 11 months old, and said his first word at 15 months old (Mama).

He started playing soccer when he was two and hockey when he was four.

His Godparents are his Uncle Joe and Aunt Tricia.  Custodial guardians in the case of something happening to Brad and I are his Auntie Angela & Uncle Chris.

He briefly went vegetarian once after finding out where meat comes from, but the love of chicken won out in the end.  His favorite meat was Alligator nuggets until we moved from Missouri, now it’s not as accessible.

He once embarrassed me to pieces when I was picking him up from school.  The hallway was packed with parents waiting their turn to pick up their child.  The teacher excuses each student individually.  Marshall was the first student excused and I immediately asked him how his day was.  Surrounded by other parents he loudly sighed and said “I need a beer.” Other parents laughed, some frowned and shook their heads, and I wanted to melt into the floor as we scurried out.

Marshall is very intuitive and has a great memory.  We don’t speak of our losses with the kids, especially with Marshall’s anxiety of death.  But he will still tell me and Brad that he has brothers and often mentions three (I’ve had three losses, one of them was for sure a boy).

He is a class clown and will do anything to make his classmates laugh.  When he was three, for example, he poured wood glue over his head to make his fellow preschoolers laugh.  It took me forever to get it all out.

Marshall has always loved girls from a young age.  It’s not uncommon for our little Romeo to ditch his friends to play with a girl.

Marshall’s nicknames: Marsh, Mads (for Marshall Alexander Dingman), Buddy

Marshall has always liked the darker side of things.  Anything Tim Burton or creepy is his favorite and has been since he was tiny.

He was born in Kansas City, Missouri and still refers to that as home.  He still often asks me and Brad if we can move back.

So much adventure and personality packed into 5 years of life.  In some ways it doesn’t seem possible that he’s going to be five and in other ways it’s hard to fathom there was ever life before him!


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