Marshall’s 2nd Birthday Party (Wild West theme)

Marshall’s second party was a whirlwind that I honestly don’t recall much of.  I don’t look awesome in the pictures, which also ties into why I don’t recall much of the party.  It was only about a week before the party that I miscarried and I was still very much trying to heal physically and emotionally.  

What I do remember is the amazing love and support of two of my friends, they went out of their way to arrive early and pretty much set up the party for me as I was moving in slow motion.  They also helped run the games and move the party along. My sister helped care for Marshall and my sister-in-law helped care for me, sharing her own experiences and empathizing on the loss with all the questions and pain that go along with it.  Seriously, you four women are amazing and I will never forget you ladies banding together to help make Marshall’s day so special for him.

Because seriously, doesn’t this adorable little cowboy deserve the best of days

The party, being Wild West themed, featured favors of water guns, mustaches, cowboy hats, cowboy boot cups, and trail mix all tied up in a handkerchief attached to a stick.  The kids were given the favors upon arrival so that they could cowboy up for the games!

My husband is seriously pretty close to perfect when it comes to being a dad.  He will do anything for his children, including getting on his hands and knees to act like a bull for Marshall’s birthday.  We used a jump rope attached to a hula hoop and had the kids take turns trying to rope him.  The kids loved it.

Rope the bull

Our next game was bouncy horse races.  Two by two the kids took turns racing their bouncy horses to the finish line.  Marshall’s little legs barely hit the ground but he was determined to hang in there with his older cousins.

Bouncy horse races

Our last game was pin the mustache on the outlaw.  I used the same format as the birthday invitations (wanted poster) but added some of Marshall’s two-year old stats instead of party location information.

Pin the mustache on the outlaw

The kids loved trying to pin mustaches on a wanted poster of their little cousin.

I really love cooking and baking, it’s always been therapeutic for me and so his birthday cake really came at the perfect time.  I simplified the design from what I was originally going to do so I could cut out any frustration.  I made chocolate cowboy hats and boots to top the cake and cupcakes and also made little cowhide designs on the cupcakes.

2nd birthday party cake

Marshall doesn’t eat cake, he’s never really cared for sweets, but he was so thrilled to blow out his candles.

When not much could make me smile, Marshall’s joy could always shatter through. He was so excited to blow out the candles!

Being a big boy and blowing out his candles

After cake we opened presents, much to Marshall’s enjoyment.  He loved playing with each toy as he opened them.  He was still 100% nonverbal at the point, but he expressed his thankfulness with hugs and squeals of delight.

In contrast to his first birthday, his second he was totally into opening his presents

It started off as a hard day for me but ended in smiles and some laughs- the first since losing our second child.  Marshall had such a fantastic time thanks to the many people who helped me out, they were such a gift to me that day.  It really does take a village sometimes.

And so ended the second birthday party for our little “KC Kid”.


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