Marshall’s Second Birthday (Trains)

For our family celebration of Marshall’s second birthday, we had a train-tastic day!

Starting with breakfast, I made pumpkin spice French toast cut into trains and the grapes were suppose to be the clouds of smoke coming from the trains’ stacks.

We love to give presents first thing in the morning.  What’s a better way to start your special day, really?

We quickly got dressed after presents, as we scheduled family pictures early. Marshall loved going to Picture People in the mall, he knew quite a few of the photographers and loved to ham it up for them.

Marshall age 2, 10/13/13

Family photo 2013

He loved striking poses. Such as this one- I have no idea where he got this!

For lunch, we headed to Fritz’s restaurant.  It’s such a fun place in Kansas City; the meals are delivered by toy trains!

Brad egging Marshall on as he “ordered” his food over the table side “waiter” phone

The food making its way to the table by train

Watching the car of food descend

Enjoying his first chocolate shake

As we walked out of the restaurant, my alarm went off signaling for us to take his candid birth minute photo.  For his second birth minute photo, he was enjoying the fountains.  Fitting, as Kansas City, MO is known as “the city of fountains”.

With full tummies we headed to our favorite pumpkin patch with our little October boy.

Nothing makes me happier than fall with my Marshall

Playing on the train playground set

He has his punched train ticket in hand and ready for his ride around the patch

He couldn’t talk but he loved playing I spy. I asked him to point to what was green…everything…everything was green. Missouri falls are late bloomers.

This kid has always adored animals

Trying his first pumpkin donut

The day’s fun was not quite through as we headed back home.  No, Marshall thought he opened all his presents but we had one last surprise for him waiting in his room!

A full size wooden train table!

Diving right into the choo-choo fun

Now I know some people think we go a little over the top in celebrating our kids. Here is why I’m okay with that: even as a brand new two-year old, who was 100% nonverbal, he was over the top grateful.  Brad worked overnight before Marshall’s birthday, getting off at 7 am and diving right into the birthday celebration fun.  He insisted on putting Marshall’s birthday before rest and that sacrifice wasn’t lost on our little guy.

So when Brad fell asleep beside Marshall’s new train table, his little buddy made sure to keep taking breaks from playing with his dream toy to hug and kiss his sleeping papa.

We closed out the day with apple spice train cake.  It was fun to make and Marshall loved it- at two there was nothing that could top trains with little Mads.

With that, Brad headed out for another overnight shift and Marshall and I played trains well into the evening.  He couldn’t have had a better second birthday and for that I am so grateful!  This was two!


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