Marshall’s Third Birthday (Police themed)

We planned on doing our tradition of celebrating a party with extended family and then just the three of us together, but due to Brad’s department at the time, we had to cancel his family party back in Minnesota.  Brad was unable to get the time off for the party so we opted to make a huge deal out of his third birthday- his last one in Missouri!

Marshall requested his first theme, he wanted a “wow-wow” party (that’s how he use to say police, because “wow-wow” is what the sirens sound like).

He woke up to his room and doorway decorated in police colors and themes.

If you look closely you can see him sleeping in his converted toddler bed

Marshall was thrilled, he woke up smiling from ear to ear upon finding himself surrounded by balloons and streamers.

The theme continued to breakfast.  He has “a cup of joe” hot cocoa with a slice of ham cut into a squad car with egg siren and headlight and pancake donuts (pancake batter in a mini donut maker).

Breakfast was followed by opening birthday presents in pajamas.

Third birthday presents from mom & dad

He was so dang excited to get a bunch of police gear!

Cutest little patrolman ever!

Brad was pulling extended hours due to his department being short-staffed and him being in a leadership role, so I insisted he catch a nap.  To kill time while Brad napped, I pulled out a case file for our little officer to work on.  The night before, I printed off a bunch of free preschool worksheets that were all police themed.  Marshall was so enthralled by the file and worked very hard on it, he takes police work very seriously after all.

The special case file

Little Officer D ready to get to work

Police gadget memory game

Taking fingerprints

We examined our fingerprints under the magnifying glass. Comparing differences, size, and counting lines.

Connecting the dots of the case

After, we made some chocolate badges together, finishing up just in time for Brad to wake up from his nap.  Brad then took Marshall to his department to hand out the chocolates to the officers and see the squad cars.

For our special third birthday fun, we headed to Power Play.  Power Play is like a kid’s version of Dave & Busters; way bigger than Chuckee Cheese and no creepy mouse.

As we drove to Power Play it was time for Marshall’s third birth minute picture. Even at three, his car seat was his favorite place to nap.

Mads loved all the superheroes around the pizza buffet at Power Play

Okay, that is the face of pure elation. Birthday fun was at an all time high.

Bowling with papa

He won a stuffed penguin from all the games. Penguins are his favorite animal.

After all that fun we copied our format from the second birthday and surprised Marshall with his big present.  And surprised he was as he walked down the stairs to find a his-size electric squad car.

Finding his squad

Look at that face! He hit the button, setting off his lights and sirens, and this was how thrilled he was.

Again, his birthday was finished with cake.  It was my first time using fondant on cake- as well as real lights- we were all loving how it turned our though.

Marshall with his third birthday cake

The cake lit up with LED lights and candles

Happy third birthday Officer Marshall!


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