Marshall’s Fourth Birthday (Space themed)

As Marshall approached four he became more and more fascinated with outer space and rockets.  Neither Brad or I are all that gripped by space; while I’m not sure where this interest came from, we still wanted to nurture his love of NASA and took his idea and ran with it.

Marshall’s other request for his party was to have it with the friends instead of family.  Brad was worried, since we were new to this school, that no one from his class would come.  They compromised with making a full weekend celebration out of his fourth year.  Taking a trip to the Twin Cities, staying in a hotel (one of Marshall’s favorite things) and going to Mall of America.

Arriving to the hotel in style. Yes, we packed that much for two days as a family of four. There’s no packing light with an infant!

Settling into his fireside suite like the little prince he believes himself to be

Opening a small gift Brad picked up for him (it was a shirt with a realistic picture of an astronaut on it)

It wasn’t long before we had to head down to the hotel’s pool for the birthday boy.

The boys enjoying the pool

Meanwhile, us girls lounged pool side

The next morning we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to Mall of America for Nickelodeon Universe and Lego Land.

He insisted on having his cocoa like coffee (he calls it coffee too) and his waffles

Our little expert driver

Papa & Marshall enjoying the train ride

He absolutely loved the bumper cars

For lunch we headed to Space Aliens.  Space Aliens is like a smaller version of Power Play, but with an outer space theme replacing the super hero theme of Power Play.

“Space Aliens, yay!”

Big boy focusing on ordering (pizza…it’s always pizza)

Space race game

Bogged down in tickets!

His prizes, obviously he had to pick some rockets out

After the weekend was up we still rung in his big day in our traditional way at home.  Themed breakfast and opening presents in pajamas!

His birthday breakfast was supposed to be a rocket ship, made with pancake mini donuts and bacon

Presents in pajamas!

So thrilled to receive rockets in every model NASA has produced

Blasting off on his inflatable rocket ship with blaster gun

Marshall had school to go to, but we picked up the celebrating as soon as he got back home.  Our astronaut had to try out his new space pajama birthday present and play on his rocket ship, that’s what he was doing when it was time for his fourth candid birth minute picture.

4th birth minute picture for our astronaut

For his birthday dinner, I cracked open a few glow stick packs to give it a little galactic flair.

Dinner table when lights were blacked out

We had all his favorites: pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, and sparkling grape juice

He was so excited to try out his dessert: astronaut ice cream

For his fourth birthday cake he requested a rocket shaped cake.  Oy vey, it was not easy and I wasn’t as happy with the end result as previous cakes I’ve made him- but he absolutely loved the cake and that’s all that really mattered.

NASA rocket landing on the moon cake

Happy fourth birthday, my favorite little astronomer!


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