Today, you are five

Being a mom on birthdays is such a weird assortment of feelings.  I remember the day he was born, and with Marshall it was also the day I really became a mom.  I think about how fast five years has flown by, but on the other hand it’s like I can’t remember what life was before having him here.  I get excited to see what the upcoming year will bring my ever-growing boy, but also a little sad that we are closing the chapter on the past year.  Now a five year old, I can’t really call him my toddler anymore.  He doesn’t even accept being called a big boy, nope, now at five he insists on the title of “kid”.

It has been a rollercoaster ride to get to five.  We have lived in two different states, had the highest of high points and lowest of lows.  Through it all, Marshall has always been such a trooper.  He has grown a lot, but he has always been my sweet and loving boy.

Just as we have every birthday, we started the day with a fun breakfast and presents in pajamas.  There was one difference, though.  Marshall usually wakes up to a birthday surprise of some sort- streamers, balloons, etc may decorate his room or doorway.  This year though, he asked to sleep in my bed.

We co-sleep with our kids until they are about one and a half.  It helps reduce incidents of sids, strengthens the bonding process, and really it is just what feels natural and right for us.  People love to warn cosleeping families that “you’ll never get them out of your bed” and how it makes for bad sleepers.  For us that was never the case, Marshall went easily to his own bed at a year and a half and has never really looked back.  So when he asked if for his birthday, he could sleep with mama and Vi (Brad worked the night before), how could I say no?  I selfishly loved all the cuddles too, fondly remembering the night following his birth.

We slept in, since he didn’t have school, and when we finally did wake up had a Mario themed breakfast.  I used a skewer to make a chomper with grapes and a strawberry, cut a homemade waffle into a warp tunnel to lay over the bottom part of the skewer and there you have it: a perfect (and easy) Mario breakfast.

Following breakfast we did the presents in pajamas.  He loved all the Mario gifts Brad & I gave him.  It’s so fun watching him get so excited over each item; emphatically thanking us for each gift.

He had to neatly fold his new clothes after looking at them. Not because we told him to, just because that’s how Marshall is

Lion King moment with his new toys

He’s a nice enough big brother to let Vi help him open some of his presents

Papa & Mads in their one piece pajamas

We slowly got ready for the day before heading out to Pizza Ranch.  Marshall calls it his pizzeria, he loves the buffet of just solid pizza.  After, we asked what he wanted to do, just like his dad he wanted to hit the rink but there was no open skating in our area that day so he said all he wanted was to go home and play together as a family with some of his new games.  Pretty hard to say no to that!

So that was what he was doing when his fifth birth minute picture came up, playing Mario Smash Brothers against his dad.

Fifth birth minute picture

After all the excitement of his party, he really just wanted to relax and enjoy his new games- especially because I am usually very strict on screentime, but I let that go out the window when it’s his birthday as a special treat.  It’s also further proof that these birth minute pictures really are candid; I absolutely hate posting photos of the kids using electronics at home, eek!

His other request was that we have a family movie night with root beer floats in lieu of cake (he still doesn’t care much for cake, he didn’t eat any with his friends at the party) and popcorn.  So we all cuddled up together in pajamas to celebrate his fifth year on earth, our fifth as a family.

Birthday boy with his favorite activity: family movie night (he picked Batman) with caffeine free root beer floats and popcorn

My favorites!

Happiest of birthdays, Marshall Alexander.  I hope you always stay so loving and sweet (and so cuddly).


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