Bringin’ the Punkins to the Pumkin Patch

We recently made our annual pumpkin patch trip.  In Kansas City, we had a favorite pumpkin patch that was open seven days a week.  Now, in our new location, pumpkin patches are only open on weekends since the patches are real working farms.  Don’t let the small town farm fool you though, it had plenty to offer and Marshall was completely enthralled with it.

Marshall entering the kids’ haybale maze


Barrel train! Always one of Marshall’s favorite things but Vi wasn’t as sure about it

Something I’ve always adored about Marshall, he lives his life as if it’s one big parade

Blowing kisses to the chickens with daddy

Learnin’ farm skills like bull ropin’

Papa helping Vi rope her first bull

Marshall braved the heights of the hay bale slide

Sliding down!

Now this was a first! Pumpkin boat rides using real gourds!

Loving his Cinderella-esque ride

Sliding into corn

This was one of Vi’s favorite stops. She loved playing in the corn kernels.

Midwestern corn Angels

Marshall’s favorite stop: playing nerf wars with papa.

Brad was like a little kid again…an almost 6’4 kid who towered over the hay bales and spared no mercy

My growing boy! He’s closing in on 4 feet quickly; did I mention I’m barely over 5 feet tall? Oy vey.

Vi is not a morning person. She is also not a “stand over here and don’t move” person.

Pumpkin bowling!

Another farm skill: cow milkin’

Vi opted to pet the wooden cow instead

Another of Vi’s favorite stops. She loved throwing the stuffed rats in the trap and then pulling them all out.

This little stinker. I have tried my darndest to get her to attach to various adorable stuffed animals and dolls at home. Instead she reserved all her love and interest for this rat.

Pumpkin trebuchet

After doing many of the small stations, we loaded up to go on a hayride.  This wasn’t your typical hayride though, this one brought us into the woods and transported us right into Sherwood’s Forest.  We were stopped by the king’s guards as they searched for Robin Hood and watched as they took Maid Marian hostage.  The hayride stopped intermittently as the scenes played out before us.  Both kids absolutely loved it; rooting on Robin Hood and his merry men as they got into sword fights with the Sheriff of Nottingham, when Robin finally saved Maid Marion and proposed marriage they both squealed in delight and clapped heartily.  Vi blew kisses and waved, getting smiles from those around us.

My loves!

She was too busy yelling “Hi!” to scare crows to pose like her old pro brother

Enthralled by Robin Hood

As the hayride was pulling out of the forest, after the final scene, a dad across from us was explaining the play to his young son (about 2-3 years old).  He was saying how “the good guy had to save the girl” and Marshall, overhearing this, interjected “well, my sister doesn’t need anyone to save her!”  Guys, my mama heart grew three sizes.  He’s right, our feisty little girl doesn’t need a hero- she’s perfectly capable of saving herself…and Lord help the villain who tries her.

After we departed the hay wagon, we walked into the mighty corn maze.  Marshall insisted on leading the way, telling us “left” or “right” like a big boy.  Seriously, where did my tiny little guy go?!

He has an awesome sense of direction- fastest corn maze trip ever.

Dingmans of the corn (with dad’s ever present shadow looming over his babies)

After the corn maze we went to browse the title attraction.

Comparing our punkin with his pumpkin

Marshall helped Vi get a little pumpkin. Here they are showing off their own pumpkin bellies.

Having fun among the giants

Both kids fell asleep on the way home, either because they were tired out from the pumpkin fun or to avoid watching dad serenade mom to “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen (and yes, he sings both the Prince’s parts as well as Anna’s).
Brad had to work so we had to put the pumpkin carving on hold for another day.  Naturally, I’ll put that post on hold too.  Stay tuned for our pumpkin carving traditions and the fantastic recipes we make from our saved pumpkin flesh.  Happy carving, ya’ll!


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