The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 

This year we aren’t waiting until our 25 Days of Christmas to get our tree!  Because of time constraints and upcoming prenatal appointments, we are pushing our tradition of getting a tree up a week.

Really, we’ve been breaking tradition already this holiday season.  The kids already picked out their annual Christmas ornament.

Carefully looking over all the options

Ornaments ’16: Marshall picked a Mack truck that had a load of presents in it’s box and Vi picked out a purple My Little Pony ornament

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Lessons My Children Have Taught Me

I have a number of posts I have written and queued up since the results came out on Tuesday.  Why the results are hurting a number of people, personal stories of why he (and his followers) do not represent me or support me, why we can’t simply just “get over it”…believe me- I have an opinion and have been writing.  Writing, for me, has always been an outlet and therapeutic.

Nothing seems quite as fitting for the blog- or as hopeful for the future- as sharing some lessons I have learned from my children and how I will apply them going forward.

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Election Party 2016

Politics have been pretty important to me for quite sometime.  In high school, I was the first to raise my hand in volunteering to debate the issues.  Fast forward to college and I minored in Political Science.  I started off very much a staunch Republican and then steadily moved my way left as the Tea Party took control.  Now, with life experience under my belt, I consider myself more of a moderate.  Just as I don’t see life issues as black and white, I can’t readily color myself red or blue as I did previously.

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Mommy Thievery

I have to confess: I am a mommy thief.  Allow me to explain.  There have been a few past posts that have casually mentioned in passing how I don’t/ didn’t have a mother of my own.  That’s a long, ugly, and dark back history that we won’t delve into today.  Instead, let me tell you about the moms I have gleaned expertise from. Continue reading

Cloth Diapering: Diaper Cream and Liners

We chose cloth diapers because of our experience with disposables.  Marshall consistently had awful, painful rashes.  The pediatrician recommended different creams and combinations before ultimately suggesting cloth diapering.  It seemed crazy to us then, but since exclusively cloth diapering with Vi we understand.  Cloth- when properly cared for with a good wash routine– really does cut down on the instances of rashes.  This far, I can probably count on one hand how many rashes Vi has had and none of them come close to Marshall’s bleeding, blistering rashes from disposables.  Really, the majority of the time she has gotten rashes was when we put her in disposables when on the road or for the occasional sitter.

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Pumpkin Carving (and Treats!)

My grandmother was a short little Italian woman, who lived through the Great Depression, and was a devout Roman Catholic.  She was very poor for the good portion of her life, but she showed her love through food.  One thing she would often say (after “mangia, mangia!”; Italian for “eat, eat!”) was that wasting was sinning.  I often hear her words when it comes to various things, and pumpkin carving is no different!

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