Yay, Snow Day!

Remember, as a child, having snow days?  Particularly the first one of the season?  Waking up to hear that there was no school, looking out the window to see feet of glistening freshly fallen snow, smelling the hot cocoa and just knowing that today would be a great day?

We were warned for days ahead of time of a severe snowstorm falling on us.  I was planning for fun crafts and adorable pictures…this is the day we had instead:
6:00am I receive an automated phone call that the school is closed for a snow day. So it begins.

6:15 previously sleeping Vi wakes up after the school’s automated system calls my cell, Brad’s cell, and the house phone. She decides the best way to go back to sleep is to climb on my face.

8:30 Vi headbutts Marshall. Cue Marshall crying and getting a shiner. Vi tries to rub his back and give him kisses to quiet him and avoid trouble.

9:15 I decide to try to sew some little things for the kids to bring peace. Vi gets a new princess purse and I attempt my first wallet for Marshall. Sewing machine eats wallet. Marshall declares that “mom hates batman”.

9:45 Vi decides it’s a fun idea to try to roll away during a dirty diaper change.

10:00 Marshall tells me he will never come down from his room. I wish him luck.

10:02 Marshall stomps downstairs in a ninja turtle shell and tries to get my attention to the fact that he’s ignoring me. Maybe this means coffee in peace?

10:15 Brad thinks nows a good time to reenact Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Now is a good time for another cup of coffee.

10:17 both kids are crying. Why? One got hurt and the other now feels left out from all the injuries.

10:18 Brad declares he wants to grill. Yeah….

10:20 I dig out a chocolate orange from the stocking stuffer things. Violet forces me to share.

Not going to lie- we ate the whole thing. I blame it on the fact that technically we split it three ways. Yes I just blamed the unborn one too.


10:25 Brad takes Marshall outside to play and shovel the walkway. Brad mopes that he “only” has blaze orange hunting snow pants. I remind him most adults don’t own snow pants.

10:40 Vi licks inside of glass door as Marshall throws snowballs at it. Blaze-orange-Brad is no where in sight. I wonder if he made a run for it. Will he send help for me?

With my first child, I would have stopped the window licking instantly. Second child I internally reason at least she’s getting some form of hydration from the frost? Lord knows what the third will bring…

11:00 the boys return for hot cocoa.  I get a cute picture of Marshall with his favorite penguin mug to share with the other moms.  We all just LOVE snow day, we lie.  I envy the nonpregnant ones that secretly have vodka in their thermoses.

11:05 I have to tear through the trash after discovering Vi threw her sippy cup away. Marshall stands over me telling me how I’m doing it wrong.

11:15 Vi falls asleep on her daddy’s chest. Brad calls her a sweet angel. I agree (a face crushing-headbutting-poop rolling-chocolate stealing-window licking-sippy cup throwing angel)

Noon I make caprese cups (I was supposed to bring them to Mommy’s group this morning; it was cancelled) for lunch. I take a picture, I am totally mommin’ this shiz. Brad expresses how great snow day is (because now he gets the caprese cups). Yea, Brad, soooo great…

12:25 Marshall comes down from his room asking what’s for lunch.  I blissfully forgot no school for a second there.  Mom of the year pops a frozen pizza in.

12:50 Marshall asks to have a picture taken with his pizza. Directly after taking the picture he drops half of it on the floor.

12:55 Marshall tries to convince Vi to eat his leftover pizza crust instead of having to share full slices of pizza. Battle ensues.

1:20 Brad takes out the vacuum.  Makes dad joke about “sucking up”.  Vi attacks the vacuum with all the viciousness of a rabid chihuahua.

1:47 try to fix sewing machine to finish Marshall’s wallet. End up pricking finger. Woefully think of how Sleeping Beauty at least got a nap after pricking her finger.

1:50 the power starts blinking. Sweet baby Jesus, if this power goes out…

2:05 finish sloppy batman wallet. Marshall loves it. Mom redemption.

2:10 Brad pokes me with a Thor action figure, while Vi throws angry birds, and Marshall yells that everyone is playing wrong.  I reconsider my life choices that brought me to this point.

2:20 Marshall & Vi get into fight over two identical batmans.  Vi grabs a hammer to settle the dispute.  Did I mention there will be a third child here come early 2017?  It’s great, we’re great, it’ll be fine…

3:30-5:30 Vi takes a late nap.  I let her.  I daydream of being at a beach with a fruit drink and cabanas.  Marshall says he’s daydreaming of root beer at Lego Land.  We dream big here.

6:00 serve a late dinner. I make the rookie mistake of serving one first instead of giving them their plates at the exact same time. Vi retaliates for this fowl with slapping her brother upside the head with the taco from his own plate.

6:45 Marshall is still eating his replacement taco. His dinner strategy is being as slow as possible to push bedtime back. I thank my lucky stars it’s not bath night.

7:00 power starts flickering again. Because of course it is.

7:10 kids are in bed. Francesca kicks so hard that my whole stomach quakes. I think she wants another chocolate orange….ya know, for the baby!

The kids asleep, I watch my shows and blissfully fell asleep as well.  Hold me, Ryan Gosling.  



The following day, Marshall could only talk about his cool wallet, playing outside with his dad, and his yummy hot chocolate.  Vi fluttered around with her princess purse and cooed over the snow.  We all survived snow day, and my kids only remember it for being absolutely wonderful.  Proof that perfection is something only worried about by the parents.  Well…the good ones; I obviously gave up at 6:15 am.  Ha!  Happy snow day!


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