5th Day: Frozen Fanfare

Today we were in a winter weather advisory with a good amount of snow expected.  What better day to celebrate snowflakes and sibling love?  So we dedicated the day to Vi’s obsession: Frozen!

While Marshall was at school we decorated the dining room for our frozen themed dinner.

Cotton balls on fishing line, blue and white balloons, and a simple party banner- easy way to impress the kids and make dinner a little more special

Mini cupcakes and scrapbook paper trees for a centerpiece

For dinner, we thought it would be fun to do a nod to the song “Love is an Open Door” and serve sandwiches (“we finish each others…SANDWICHES!”) with a side of Olaf cheese stick and deconstructed snowman.  Brad did a pretty nice job drawing little Olaf faces on everything!  We also made Frozen hot chocolate to finish off the meal.

PB&J sandwiches, cheese sticks, pretzel rods, and baby carrots with white chocolate cocoa


Loving their Frozen feast (after Vi finished, she was given a cupcake for dessert. She ate it and then wanted down…where she proceeded to try to sneak up onto the table to steal more mini cupcakes)

After dinner we played some games.  Brad drew a bunch of Olaf faces on cups and then had the kids try to knock the stack down with the snowball shooters.

Olafs, Olafs everywhere!

Ready to shoot off some snowballs

Our own little Ice Queen was so excited!

The next game was an easy printable dice game.  Race to roll the dice and put Olaf together first!

Throwing the dice

Carefully gluing the pieces into place

His finished Olaf


After all the fun, it was time to put some more items into our reverse advent calendar.  Today, we put two princess Barbies in.

Maybe these Belle & Aurora dolls will go to sisters like Ana & Elsa!

We shop for Christmas throughout the year.  I always check clearance sections and if there are nice toys for a good price, we buy them to donate.  These brand new dolls were $2 a piece!  All because they were releasing newer versions.

This is something that is really close to my heart.  Growing up, my family was poor.  There were a few years that we received Christmas presents from church.  There was one year that I received nothing.  Now, do kids need presents on Christmas?  Of course not.  But it’s the feeling of not being worth receiving anything that stung.  No child deserves to feel like that on Christmas morning.

Please, if you are able to, donate gifts for children on Christmas.  Any age or gender gift is needed and so appreciated.  Check out Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, Shop with a Cop, your local Women’s Shelter, Homeless Shelter, Church, or even the school’s guidance counselor can point you in the direction of a family in need.  There are always such nice toys on clearance for $5 or less and I promise- as a former child recipient- that your donation will be so treasured and loved.  It’s really that inexpensive and easy to make a memorable Christmas for a child.

To finish the night, we did our pre-St. Nicholas day tradition.  Marshall wrote his Christmas list (I helped Vi with her’s) and then we set the lists out with their shoes.  The shoes bit is an Italian tradition as a nod to St. Nicholas throwing gold through a window and into a stocking.  When St. Nicholas comes tonight, he will take their lists and- if they have been good- will be left a treat.  In many homes it is candy or, traditionally, it was fruit.  In our home the Nice List treat is Christmas pajamas and a book.  Perfect to get some wears out of the pajamas during the holiday season and the books to help them grow their minds for years to come!

Carefully spelling out his gift wishes. This year’s list was Paw Patrol, monster trucks, and Minecraft. I wrote Vi’s from things she’s pointed out (and tried sneaking in the cart) at the store. Her’s include Elsa baby doll, Olaf, Melissa & Doug kitchen food, and Little People

Smiling with their shoes and Christmas lists


Let’s hope that they find themselves on the Nice List!  With all the Frozen fun of this afternoon, we are looking forward to closing out the evening with watching the movie- much to Vi’s delight.

Our fifth day was Frozen in all the best ways.  We are so proud to be teaching our kids to give back when they can.  The warmth of giving can melt even the iciest heart.  For now, we’re cuddling in together and letting it snow outside.  After all- “the cold never bothered us anyways”.


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