6th Day: St. Nicholas and the Befana Witch

We awoke this morning to signs of St. Nicholas’ arrival.  Both Marshall & Vi must have been good because their lists were gone and in its place were new Christmas pajamas and books!

The newest Brad Meltzer books to continue their “Ordinary People Change the World” series (George Washington for Marshall/ Jane Goodall for Vi) and new matching elf pajamas!

The kids were tired but excited to find the new goodies!

We also awoke to a Winter Weather Advisory, looks like St. Nick brought a bit more than just books and pajamas down from the North Pole with him!  Marshall didn’t have school and so we declared today a pajama day.  Really, what better way to spend a snow day?

And ridiculous tip: footie pajamas are pretty comfy when trying to spin a breech baby (yes that’s my shoulders on the ground and hips on the couch)

Today seemed like a good day to teach the kids about a tradition from their Italian heritage: the Befana Witch!  According to tradition the three wisemen, on their way to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus, stopped to rest at the Befana Witch’s cottage.  She fed them and provided shelter until they continued their journey, following the star of Bethlehem. The Witch decided that she wanted to visit baby Jesus too, bringing him small gifts.  By the time she left, however, it was too late- she couldn’t find the wisemen and the stable.  So instead she flew on her broom, giving the small gifts to the children she encountered; she commemorates the Epiphany every year by flying on her broom and spreading the gifts among all the Italian children.

Marshall and Vi reenacted this scene with Marshall as a Wiseman and Vi as the Befana Witch.

Brad surprised the kids with a Befana Witch gift: the “Merry Christmas Strega Nona!” book.  The book details Strega Nona’s quest to prepare for the Befana Witch and Christmas.  There are many Italian tradition references in regards to food, sayings, and places.  All of this made a little more special being that Strega Nona lives in Calabria, Italy- which is where my side of the family hails from.

For dinner, we ate lasagna and garlic bread sticks.  Marshall is an Italian boy through and through, his favorite foods being pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti.  Vi is an Italian-American through and through being that she will eat anything, ha!
After we were through eating, we sat down to donate more to the reverse advent calendar.  We found it fitting to donate some pantry items of spaghetti noodles and sauce.

Our sixth day was a nice day snowed in at home.  The kids learned some legend from their Italian heritage and came out ahead with some fun new books and adorable matching pajamas!  Tomorrow we look forward to getting out of the house and celebrating at an event. Buone Natale!


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