7th Day: Christmas in the Park

Tired out but still smiles

Our seventh day started right after Marshall got out of school.  We drove to a Christmas celebration my hospital was putting on.

Vi loves clothes and tries to put as much clothes on as possible at any given time.  Even if it’s wearing her brother’s underwear like an infinity scarf at home.  Oy.  Vey.  So she was pleased as punch to get all the winter layers put on.

As we prepared to walk to the park, through the icy parking lot, Brad’s protective side showed.  He insisted on opening my door and helping me get out of the SUV to find my footing on the ice; times like that I find him so sweet and loving.  Not so sweet and loving: when he tries to hold the back of my jacket as I walk through the parking lot, like a little kid.  Sigh.

The celebration was centered around children- and our kids so appreciated that.  Our first stop was to pet the reindeer and sit in their sleigh.  We already met Prancer & Dancer at the Christmas tree farm, now we met Dasher & Vixen- maybe we will get to meet all the reindeer by the time we’re through!

Working our way through, we stopped at the hot cocoa stand and soup cart.  It definitely warmed our bellies and kept the kids happy.

Vi couldn’t get enough of the chicken noodle soup

Adding extra sweets to the cocoa

We stopped at the live nativity for a bit and watched the story play out.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up the Syrian refugee crisis at this time.  After all, this time of year is all about celebrating a Middle Eastern family looking for shelter.  If you are able to help, I encourage you to donate to UNICEF and donate to Syrians in crisis in Aleppo or contact your local refugee help center (in Minnesota that is the International Institute).

Our next stop was the craft tent.  The kids were given cookies to decorate.  Marshall carefully piled on a mixture of red and green sprinkles; Vi simply ate her’s plain because who has time for sprinkles when you can just eat it right away?

The other craft was making reindeer food to put out in the driveway on Christmas Eve night.  Something to help the reindeer find our house and occupy them while Santa puts presents under our tree.

We exited the tent just as the children’s choir started.  Marshall ran over to sing from the sidelines.  This little guy loves music so much; he has to work harder to use his voice but what a sweet voice that is.

That’s when the horse-drawn sleigh ride caught our eye.  We squeezed in with a load of people and the sleigh took off!  The horses were powerful and it was definitely the speediest sleigh ride we’ve ever experienced, the driver joked to us that this was the fastest way to grandma’s house.

Squished sleigh selfie

Before we could leave, we had to stop at the playground for Marshall to go down the slide.  Leave it to Minnesota kids to love a playground even when it’s close to zero degrees!

It was a lot of fun to experience all the lights and just take in the overall community Christmas spirit.  By the time we got home, both kids were thoroughly wiped out.  We look forward to continuing our 25 Days tomorrow as we make our own little community fun at home.  Have a good night and stay warm friends!


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