9th Day: Children’s Community Christmas

We started off the day at our local mommy’s group.  I highly recommend mothers of young children, birth to age five, check out their local school’s ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education).  It’s a great way to have a second set of eyes watching the progress of your kids and- most importantly- it’s a great way to meet other moms who are in the same life stage as you.  Which is nice for commiseration and reassurance that “yes, that is totally normal“.

Vi and Mads love it there with their teachers and little friends.  Vi is already getting some practice with babies; perfect for this soon-to-be big sister.

Making candy cars

Love this snowman outfit. I made the candy cane tutu from leftover 4th of July scraps. Click here to see the DIY

Proud of his candy racer

Ready to fix everything with one of her brother’s friends

Gently rocking the baby. She also loves to try to give kisses and hugs- she much rather “mommy” a baby than play with kids her age.

After, Marshall had speech and then we headed out for some Christmas shopping.  We got home just in time to meet up with Brad as he got off work and then headed to the children’s community Christmas celebration.

There were so many cute craft tables and activities, the kids absolutely loved it.  Marshall was so polite as he sweetly approached each table, saying please and thank you to the volunteers.  Vi ran around giggling, screaming at the top of her lungs with excitement, and grabbing anything sparkly.  At one point a volunteer asked Marshall if that was his sister and Marshall answered “Uh…no.”  To be fair, I’ve been known to walk ahead of Brad and the kids saying the same, ha!

When we first arrived they gave a plastic bag to hold the crafts and goodies. Both kids got to pick out new books too!

Marshall carefully threading beads and jingle bells onto a pipe cleaner

Decorating Christmas trees with care

She’s starting to like crafts more and more- especially when they involve stickers and gems!

Vi has “stranger danger” down pat. Santa touched her back and she literally screamed. Marshall later explained to Santa that “my sissy just think you’re a stranger, she doesn’t know you’re Santa. She shouldn’t be on the naughty list.” He definitely gets Nice points for being so sweet for his sister.

Keeping her eye on the guy in red

Marshall still took a nice picture with Santa

Making reindeer food

Vi carefully getting her reindeer food all set

Frosty toss

She was gonna win those Pom-poms at all cost

Something that probably won’t be found often outside of northern Minnesota: winter safety car kit booth

clothespins reindeer craft

Making Santa ornaments with the Mounted Patrol

The kids had such a fun time and came home with so many goodies and crafts!  Vi was thoroughly tired out; Brad carried her still sleeping from the carseat right to her converted toddler bed.

Our day was filled with so much community fun and friends.  It’s always nice when we can get out and about!  Let’s just hope we can get one nice picture of Vi and her new friend Santa by the end of these 25 days- he can’t stay a stranger for too long, right?  Stay on the nice list everyone!


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